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Letter to Macduff

A Letter to Macduff Dear Macduff, Oh, what you have missed! I have important news to tell you. A series of events happened at the banquet you failed to attend. The majesty left all of us thanes speechless and suspicious.

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It is not that I ever doubted your thoughts about Macbeth, but it is now clear to me that he is a guilty man with a conscience filled with remorse. The ceremony seemed as if it were going to be elegant and pleasing. There were an equal number of thanes on each side of the table.

The king presented himself honorably as he sat down with the rest of us to “play the humble host” and announced that Lady Macbeth would keep her state. However not long after that things began to get strange. A dirt and bloody man walked through the doors of the dining room and Macbeth quickly got up and attended him. Suspicious it was, my lord, for Macbeth seem unsatisfied with the news the ruffian delivered and before anything else could be said, Lady Macbeth interrupted and reminded Macbeth of his duties as a host.

She seen overly agitated, embarrassed and desperate to get Macbeth away from the doors and back to the feast. She rightly said that a guest must be treated with social rituals and courtesy and must be reminded of how welcomed they are. However as she did this, those looking at his majesty discretely could tell that the bloody man was bringing him bad news and as soon as he heard Lady Macbeth he quickly dispatched the man from the banquet.

In all honestly, it looked like Macbeth had someone do his dirty work for him and something went wrong however once he got back at the table he tried to put it aside and the feast began. That wasn’t all! If you had only been there to see what Lady Macbeth claimed was an illness of the king’s infancy. His body was possessed with madness! As he was about to make a toast, he suddenly stopped as if his heart had stop beating and his expression changed from joy to intense fear and the he began to scream “Which of you have done this? He did all this while looking at the empty chair that was meant to be filled by Banquo whom also did not attend the banquet. And things only became stranger. His majesty continuously repeated he had not done “it” however he never mention what “it” was. It seemed that some kind of vision appeared to be accusing him of something. What could he be accused of? You can only imagine that Lady Macbeth tried to ease the situation, by saying it was just a momentary fit and to do our best to ignore him, however this was very hard to do.

She also demanded the guest not to ask any questions since it would feed and extend the king’s passion. And of course no one did but all of us thanes were filled with curiosity and suspicion as to what was happening. She approached the king and had a word with him where no one could hear but by simply looking at her you could tell she was not content and as the conversation got intense their voices rose and we all heard the king declare that is charnel-house and graves sent back the bodies put in them then our graves would be like the maws of kite.

As soon as the king and queen rejoined with their guest, Macbeth spoke and said he suffered from a strange infirmity. He pretended like nothing had happened and demanded wine. He might have fooled himself but not us, as it was obvious that there was more to the story than a simple illness. Furthermore my lord In the middle of the servant pouring the wine, the king began to grow pail and weak once more and then screams “avaunt and quit my sight! ” all of us Thanes were confused since we were not sure if he was talking to us, but then it became clear that he was having another one of his episodes.

This time, however, he revealed things our ears were not meant to hear. He confessed that what he was so vividly seeing was a ghost. Lady Macbeth tried once more to brighten the mood of the dinner but too much had been said and we all wanted to hear more. All present at the table looked at each other with one eye and had the other fixed on Macbeth. He seemed so certain that what he saw was real, the fear and remorse in his eyes could be seen from miles away and no one could help but wonder whose ghost he was seeing.

Dear Macduff at this point I wouldn’t help but think that maybe it was your father king Duncan coming back for vengeance… Our suspicions grew even stronger by the end of his second episode. He paused, looked at us and asked us how we could see such things and not look pale moreover when Ross asked him with confusion what the sighs were, before the King could reply, Lady Macbeth firmly reminded us that questions would enrage him and then dismissed all of us and demanded to leave at once and not by order of importance.

The scene was quite suspicious and most alarming Macduff. This whole ceremony was a disaster that will lead to Macbeth’s fall my lord. Things were said and done at this event that no one thane should have seen or heard. Once we left the banquet you could hear the rumors on the street about the king, how he had gone mad, but those who were knowledgeable, began to think about the things that had happened and began to ask questions about the resent murders. How is it going with you Macduff?

After attending the banquet last night, I am certain that Macbeth will go to any length to get what he want so please be careful, watch your back at all times. Hope everything is working out the way you hope. Your noble friend, Lennox P. S. You will not believe that news my ears have just heard. Banquo has been killed by savages. He was found in the wood stabbed to death. I wonder who would want him dead and why. Who will be next? This have gotten out of control around here and it is all because of the tyrant Macbeth. You must hurry and put a stop to this before anyone else gets hurt.

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