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Letter of Recommendation

I take immense pleasure in introducing one of my outstanding students…. whom I know for the past three years. I have taught him the courses of ‘Electrical machines’ , ‘Power Electronics’ , ‘Modelling of power system components’ and ‘Network theory’.

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This interaction with him provides me sufficient information to gauge and asses the intellectual capability and analytical skills that he has developed during his course . I would rank him among the top 1% of the students I have taught in my experience of 25 years.

I find ….. to be hard working, diligent and sincere in his efforts and feel that his practical and logical approach of handling the problems presented should be brought to your notice. In him, I find the commitment desirous of a good student, meticulous with the right blend of aptitude, merit and determination. His clarity of thought combined with his analytical ability, supported by his excellent communication skills, brings out the intellectual independence in him.

His ability to work with counter parts and even with his seniors is exemplary. With his pleasing manners, proficiency in communicating his ideas effectively, he has established an excellent rapport with his fellow students and the faculty. He has brilliant team leader skills and is competent of extracting the best out of his team members. He also has good teaching capabilities. He has attended various symposia held in the city, which suggests his keen interest in the latest technological advancements.

Considering his motivation, perseverance and intelligence, I strongly believe that he will scale the highest peaks in his fields of interest. In view of all the above facts, I strongly recommend him, without any hesitation, for admission into your graduate program with possible financial assistance, and would like to recommend him to qualify as a teaching/research assistant in your university.