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Letter of Intent for a Language Program


I am a freshman international student and would like to apply for the offered Paris Summer Program for the main intent of obtaining purposive and applied education on the French language. I have fulfilled the necessary prerequisites for the aforementioned course—French 205 (“A”) —and is currently taking up French 206.

Additionally, I have passed DALF test, a French language proficiency test administered by the government of France.

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You will also find that I am well versed in the following languages— French, Spanish, Bulgarian and English— and has a good standing in academics with 3 A’s and a B+ in my previous semester.

The Paris Summer Program would enable me to upgrade my French linguistic level and at the same time, absorb and understand better the intricate French culture. Such advanced linguistic skills are necessary prelude to my preparation for a future career in international diplomacy, more specifically as country representative at the European Council.    Requisites of the career include units in International Studies and Political Science Program and such program require advanced linguistic skills and exposure abroad.

Aside from scholastic considerations, my interest in the program lies on experiential learning on French culture—- history, arts literature and music— and language integration.

Hoping for your consideration regarding my application.

Thank you very much.