Lesson 9 Study Tools Latin Bases

Vocab Lessson 9 Latin Bases
Summer Yocum
November 20, 2014
4th Period
Meaning: Both
Words: Ambidextrous, Ambience, Ambivalent
Aud, Audit
Meaning: To hear
Words: Auditorium, Inaudible
Corp, Corpor, (Corpus)
Meaning: Body
Words: Corpse, Corpulent, Corpuscles
Flu, Flux
Meaning: To flow
Words: Influence, Affluent, Fluent
Meaning: Form; Shape
Words: Reform, Formulate, Uniform
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Gen, Gener, Genit
Meaning: Race; Kind; To produce
Words: Generation, Genesis, Geneology
Jac, Ject
Meaning: To throw
Words: Reject, Conjecture, Project
Man(U), (Main)
Meaning: Hand
Words: Manual, Amanuensis, Maintain, Manufacture
Meaning: To carry; Port
Words: Import, Opportune, Deportment
Rex, Reg
Meaning: King; Royal
Words: Regal, Regalia, Regicide
Val, (Vail)
Meaning: To be strong; To be wealthy
Words: Prevail, Prevalent, Valiant
Ving, Vict, (Vanqu)
Meaning: To conquer
Words: Victory, Victor, Invincible