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Leonardo da Vinci in our life

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Leonardo dad Vine's contribution to the era of Renaissance The Renaissance era created an immense amount of talented scientists, artists, inventors, and philosophers who contributed great deal to the development of human race. In history it is hard to find a similar genius individual as the creator of High Renaissance art - Leonardo dad Vinci.

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Leonardo da Vinci in our life

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. Leonardo dad Vinci was an artist, a sculptor, an architect, a philosopher, a historian, a mathematician, a physicist, a mechanic, and an astronomer. Consider Leonardo a genius of the High Renaissance.

He was undeniably way ahead of his time, and is undoubtedly one of desegregates geniuses that ever lived. He played an enormous role in the development of art and science of the High Renaissance in Italy. His creations "Last Supper" (495-97) and "Mona Lisa" (1503-06) are among the most widely popular art works of the Renaissance. The "Mona Lisa" painting is a good example of his work which contributed to the development of art in the Renaissance. The Mona Lisa is a portrait of a wife of a Florentine noble. She refused to smile; Leonardo even tried ring musicians but that didn't change her mind.

At last, Just for a second she smiled faintly and Leonardo was able to capture it. In his drawing Leonardo masters the techniques of Suffuse and Chiaroscuro. Suffuse involves the most gradual transition from one color to another, giving it a very delicate and expressive image. As mentioned in the studies, Chiaroscuro highlights the contrast of light and shadow. In the Mona Lisa, this is most evident in the contrast between the face and the dark background. I consider the "Mona Lisa" his most beautiful creation. Leonardo dad Vinci highly influenced the development of science of the High Renaissance in Italy.

He is considered one of the prominent contributors to the scientific discoveries of the era. Dad Vinci extended his studies into science and other subjects. For example, he drew complex models of flying machines, as he was fascinated by flight. He also attempted to build flying objects himself and designed an immense amount of mechanical devices. Based on his studies of birds, he drew a human powered ornithology, which is a wing flapping machinate would fly, mimicking the movement of a bird in flight. As a result, some of the machines that he drew on paper such as helicopters would become reality many centuries later.

He also had knowledge in the studies of anatomy and was one of the first to understand the circulation of blood in the human body. There seemed to be no limit to his interests and work. Leonardo dad Vinci is one the most prominent individualists lived in the Renaissance era and contributed a vast amount of scientific discoveries and beautiful works of art which are genius and timeless. Leonardo looked far ahead of his time and influenced our generation and development of the modern world today

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