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Leonardo da Vinci: Facts & Biography

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Leonardo Dad Vinci, he grew up lonely in his birthplace Italy, were his parent's didn't really want a child in the first place. The first thing and best thing that his father did for the young boy was to put him in art school. Even know Dad Vinci was lonely he had the great nature to refer to and drew the earth for hours and hours of the day. Leonardo Dad Vinci was more than Just a painter; he created the types of machines that soldiers could use during the war.

Dad Vinci was a vegetarian who loved pets and absolutely despised war, but worked as a military engineer and invent unique war machines to destroy the cities or countries. This bold young gentlemen contrived appliances and real life looking paintings that follow you were ever you go. During the 15th and 16th centuries men began to revive the arts and the sciences which had almost been forgotten during the middle ages. This period in history is called the renaissance. One of the greatest men of the renaissance was Leonardo did seer Piper dad Vinci. Vinci was born on April. 5th, 1452, in a small town called Michigan, which was near Vinci. Vinci was a unique boy with lots of intelligent and when he was young he used to admire the outside world and drew rocks and trees for his entertainment. Even though he was a lonely kid and an only child, he seemed smarter than the other kids that lived near him. Vinci had parent's but they broke up after his birth, after they separated his father raised him. Later on when Vinci was age 1 5 and already mastered the full potential of an artist was sent away by his father, to a man named Andrea del Overarching and was a pupil in his workshop.

In 1472, working with del Overarching, Dad Vinci was obtained into the painter's guild of Florence. Vinci worked with Overarching for 10 years and humiliated Overarching so many times he quit being a painter, which was astounding because only so many students humiliate their own master. As this young teen growing up he never lost the interest or his reputation as an artist but His interest in painting led him to study anatomy, the science of light and vision, the growth and structure of plants, and other subjects which would help him in his art.

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Later on down the road when Vine's career started to gain, he was charged with sodomy's, later the charges were dropped but he was humiliated when he was not hoses to be hired to paint the Sistine Chapel. Dad Vinci was going back and forth place to place going back to Florence for the second time to serve Cesar Barrio in 1502. In 1512 Leonardo went to Rome where the new pope was one of the Medics, his patron family. Dad Vinci did not remain too long in Rome but went instead back to Milan to prepare for the arrival of the King of France.

In 1516 he left for France at the invitation of King Francis the first. While living in France he received a castle of Cloud and some money to live on. Leonardo spent his last two and a half years there. He painted a bit, but one of his hands was now slightly paralyzed because of a stroke. Leonardo Dad Vinci died in 1519 at age of 67 and was buried at Ambrose near his castle. He has become known as a true example of the Renaissance man because Leonardo was interested in almost everything. (http://www. Dovetailing. Com/ index. HTML) Leonardo had lots of students while he was alive but one student hanged out than the rest he taught than later adopted a child named Giant Giaconda Capacitor dad Reno, which he nicknamed the boy Salami which is also referred to as little Satan. Vinci eased the ten year old boy with extra care. He was odd, and used to destroy most of his work. Giant was named Salami because he would steal from Dad Vinci and steal from other people to as well. In the first year with Vinci, Salami was given a cloak, six shirts, three doublets and twenty four pairs of shoes.

Even after all that he kept stealing, so Dad Vinci had to keep an eye on him the whole time they were in public. Giant showed some great work in painting but didn't become a painter. Vinci taught him some skills but always had to clean up Giant's paintings. (http://www. Lardier. Org. NZ/Leonardo/ alai. HTML) Dad Vinci painted so many real live looking people in his painting; it's incredible to think about back in the 1 5th and 16th century. One of Leonardo first paintings was with Andrea del Overarching and they drew the Baptism of Christ.

Overarching told Vinci to paint the knelling angel and Vinci did a better Job than his own master. During his lifetime he has painted so many pictures that have been amazing. Some great works that Leonardo has painted were The Last Supper, when Leonardo remained in Milan for 17 years during which time he painted the famous Last Supper and completed a 6 foot model of the Oxfords statue. In 1499 French troops invaded Milan and Leonardo was unharmed, he fled to Venice. In a later invasion by the French, the model of the Oxfords statue was broken up, and there is no record of it besides for Leonardo sketches.

Another Painting that Leonardo did back in Florence was one of his famous paintings La Giaconda which is more commonly known as the Mona Lisa. Madonna Lisa, the wife of a Florentine merchant. Leonardo worked on the painting for four years. "The poet ranks far below the painter in the representation of visible wings, and far below the musician in that of invisible things. " (http://www. Leonardo- dad-Vinci-biography. Com/quotes. HTML) Leonardo Dad Vinci painted tons but he also made military weapons and helped out.

Many of his weapons were very helpful for the war and some are even still used today. Some weapons that Vinci came up with was his helicopter, first ever designed helicopter that was also referred to as Arial Screw, Leonardo felt that men could operate it by pushing the four parts to rotate the propeller. One of the inventions that he made, that we still used today is a parachute. One of the most known inventions Dad Vinci came up with was the glider he made with no engine, which could keep itself up from the wind currents. Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return". (http://www. Goodness. Com/quotes/5504-once- you-have-tasted-flight-you-will-forever-walk-the) Leonardo even came up with the first armored car that was designed as a cone shaped top for all the bullets to ricochet off of the armored car. Leonardo made so many other inventions to, he even invented the first crane, scuba diving suit, and he was so interested in the study of light and vision.

He understood the principle which causes light to cast an image upside down on a screen Just like our cameras now. Dad Vinci helped out so much in his life time; he was a lonely man but dedicated his life time work to art, inventions and became one of the most genuine and one of the most popular people ever known. Without him the world wouldn't be the same today. He could build and draw the types of war machines with his imagination and could bring ideas and make them to life.

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