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Learning team charter

Essay Topic:

What are the general expectations for all members of the team? Sarah Dowling- It is our goal as a team to work collaboratively to ensure all members’ thoughts, ideas, and input are shared, discussed, considered, and incorporated into the learning team assignments and projects.

It is people’s duty to be accountable for is or her individual portion of the project and to strive to do their personal best. As a group we will seek out opportunities within each other’s strengths to improve our quality of work and assist those team members who may struggle to do so.

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In the event disagreement occurs between cohorts in regards to any one idea, including but not limited to: substance, quality, or timeline of work submitted, team members will vote to decide if the individual/ idea will continue to work with the group or project.

Each member must be committed to the team’s academic achievement and success. Expectations for Time Management and Involvement (Participation, communication with the team, accessibility, etc. ) Sarah Dowling- Our team will communicate frequently via e-mail and phone, as well as before and after class. Team members agree to attend all meetings in whichever method possible. All persons must complete their portion of the agreed upon work in a timely manner that shall be determined by the group as a whole.

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