Lean on me

Sloppy boy, originally kicked out and then back in. Told him to jump off roof.
Mr clark
Principle- morgan freenab
Me wright
Body guard
Mrs elliot
Mrs powers
Piano teacher-created the new school song that mr Clark loved.
Some steps taken
Sat teachers down assigned roles, demoted teacher to football coach, had teachers give names of bad applessuspended a lot, wants everyone to learn school anthem, created structure with school president, parent conference,makes them all take test,Air Force guy brought a knife so Clark locked every door of school.
Use to know mr Clark at elementary school, her mother didn’t want her anymore. Mom wants to give daughter s better life,
Bad things
Mad at music teacher and fired, mr Darnell suspended,
Mr darnell
Went to football coach he use to teach English
Mrs levios
Vice President – he yelled at her toward end to do something without him for once. Went off on Clark telling him he doesn’t even say thank you wanted a transfer
One guy
Had altercation, Clark told him he would be dead in a year, he said he isn’t cut out for it
Bathroom scene
SAMs and lunch crew sing the song or they would be suspended 10 days, was insane
Mr omally
Clark demanded a school tutoring program -big white guy
Notice the ones that actually take action to get kids to learn versus ones who don’t do anything
Take no prisoners
Get kids to learn on Saturdays, if they can’t go to their homes get everyone involved including parents. Everyone started doing better in school, more involvement found creative ways to learn. Fooled the kid who was making fun of him impersonating, started jump ropong
Get Clark put
Mayor wants to sick the fire chief on Clark because of the black mom. guy hid in stsll
Clark knows they want to get him fired. Security guards are to stop the fire chief at doors. Code 10- go to assigned door and remove the chains.
Kaneesha big news
Clark at end
Had rally fray of test, handed ms levios her transfer paper, told kids what people think. Told kids not inferior, basically said thank you to teachers, told them they can pass the test and win.
Lean on me
Mrs powers, everyone joined in
Mrs barret
Annoying black mom who wanted to get past the doors
Mr Clark was arrested for chaining doors Mrs barter had it on radio. He told them to get into class. Superintendent is finally happy with him
Dr frank napier
Confirmed with Mrs barret
Get Clark out,
Riot down street
Free me Clark! Mayor asked Clark for help he refuses.
Mrs barret
Tried telling kids he exposed them to grave danger, chaining doors was criminal act, Clark walks out from the building.
They passed the test!
Passed test, they sell sing song for east side.

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