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Leadership Skills in Implementation of Theory E and Theory O

The theory E and the theory O are also acknowledged as the theories of revolutionize.

Theory E::

The principle of the theory E is economical values or we can say that it is often articulated as investor value, when Dunlop took the management he was the one who reduced 11000 workers mutually at management and working levels he also trade out several business, later on he present a design on the subject of his own philosophy as he believed that investor worth was the particular purpose to which a conglomerate ought to contribute itself and make accessibility of space for many shareholder and then he make the profit which was not achieved before therefore the top-down is taken as the leadership skill for this theory (Beer and Nohria, April 16, 2001).

Theory O:

Now if we talk about the purpose of the theory O so it gives us an idea that the purpose of this theory is to developed capabilities, if we go in depth then this theory is all about the improvement of the association’s individual potential to put into operation stratagem as well as to gain knowledge from proceedings in use on the subject of the efficiency of revolutionize completed (T.Kippenberger).It was seen the changes were made in an organization to be more successful but they were not the success which they deserve to get by doing so many efforts in an organization, after few time Champion makes his own philosophy in order to maintain the changes which were bough in an organization, for doing so Champion enhanced its associations in the midst of its amalgamation all the way through accommodating instruments.

It was done by the use of the indistinguishable elevated participation as well as making use of sociotechnical method to spruce up the association as well as supervision of the entire commercial functions, which also includes the investigate as well as improvement (Springer Netherlands).

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For that reason in the early hours 1990s the conglomerate had entirely restructured itself in the region of a marketplace by gathering surrounding substance arrangement anticipated to meeting point on consumers. From that time the participating activity and the sympathetic connecting each and every of the workers in addition an increment of social circle are taken as the leadership’s proficiency for the theory O because it is believed that champion accomplish the success by giving accessibility of participating to all of their human resources (Beer and Nohria, April 16, 2001).


It concluded the idea that when there are changes bought in any of the organization the proper management system is required to manage all of the changes, this change in an organization occurs when they have to make leadership among others or in the case when the organization is not satisfied with its structure for that reason they make changes and for resolving the problems which may occur due to change they ask change management to help them, this article also concluded about theory E and theory O, also the leadership skills of this theory, it gives us the idea that for theory E top-down is taken as leadership skill and for the theory O participating can be taken as leadership skill and the reason for implementation of these theories is also narrated. After reading this article the purpose of change management and the implementation can become clearer earlier than.

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