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Leadership and Tech Final Exam

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In my business there are 3 types of Leadership levels there is the lead man that’s a technical expert and guides the team through it day to day operations. The there is the first level manager that gives the daily drill down of operations notes and ensures the deliverables are made..

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Then the senior manager who’s task is the developing the budget, travel keeping the organization fresh with the latest each, and constantly keeping a fresh vision of the organization. 64. Describe a data visualization tool and how it is used. Prize is a great data visualization tool it gives you the ability to, 1.

Use visual aids to help communicate your point. 2. It helps you compartmentalize your pitch to segmented parts to build upon the chain of information you trying to convey. 3. Prize gives you the ability to use video, pictures , AR etc to help get your point across. 65. Explain the value to leaders, in using dashboards and data visualization tools. Using a dashboard is value added when compiling any type of metrics and project status. It gives the ability to have a home base of the latest data that everyone can have access to from Eng I/E, MR. , Quality, Operations.

Many decisions are based on the database daily such as overtime, manpower distribution, and Eng resources. 66. In the book Progress Makers, the author uses platforms to describe a methodology for incremental transformation. Give one example of leadership transformation using this concept. Use your own thoughts and ideas to express your answer. 67. How do you become Mayor of a location? If a user has checked-in to a venue on more days than anyone else in the past 60 days, and the check-ins re valid under foursquare time and distance protocols, they will be crowned mayor.

The user must have a profile picture in order to be crowned “Mayor” of that venue. Someone else may earn the title by checking in more times than the previous mayor. 68. What is the purpose of a “special” on foursquare? To give the users of foursquare incentives to update data and give them a perks such as coupons for restaurants or apparel shops. Essay 69. (1 0 pits) Describe the difference between leadership in the classic sense and leadership as it relates to the field of technology? Why is it different? The rotational leadership model may include a top down method, which may be antiquated but functional, and gets the job done.

The manager will ask the team for certain deliverables and really have no idea of how the deliverable is made and what it takes to get it done. And as long as you have a good team making the deliverables a leader might be able to survive, depending on the strength of his or her team. Technology has changed the nature of classic leadership in some ways, providing some additional challenges. For instance, working in the technology field, a leader must stay current with the latest and greatest technology or his r her group will lose vision and be behind the curve of technology very quickly, rendering them out of date.

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