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HOW LEADERS CAN BUILD A STRONG TEAM Building a stronger team can take strategic process in which the leader must know how to assemble best people. Van Vugt 2008 believes that to be a great leader, powerful team must be build. A good leader will want to create a team that is an extension their beliefs, goals, or principles.

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Everyone on the team should play a role in helping the group succeed. If they don’t, they shouldn’t be a part of the group, though each person will have a specific task to perform, all of them should work together to achieve a desired result.

The goal should be the ultimate driving factor behind the group, while the task of each member should be a method for achieving it. The ultimate goal of a team should always be separate from its development. A great leader will need to understand the type of team they want to build. Only then can they begin building it. The first thing a leader will want to have is well defined expectations. These expectations should be understood by every member of the team. In addition to this, a leader will want to do everything necessary to make sure the members of their team are given all the necessary tools to succeed.

The next thing that leaders will want to look at is the context. Every member on the team should understand why the team was formed and should know what strategies will be used to achieve certain goals. It is also important for all the team members to be committed to the tasks they perform. Any member who does not want to be a part of the team should not be there. If they are not happy with what they are doing, they may slow down the team and cause problems for the leader or other members. Each member should feel valued, and they should also be rewarded for their hard work.

A great leader will want his team to enhance their skills. Everyone should learn new skills and abilities on a consistent basis. This is called team investing. According to Van Vugt 2008″ the best way to invest in a team is by providing them with continuous knowledge, experience, and application. They will grow and so the leader Communication is an important issue that the leader will want to pay attention to. The team members should be able to work together and communicate. Each member should understand the roles of the others.

The ability to solve problems is very important, because no worthy goal can be achieved without running into problems and barriers. Working together as a team to figure out ways to solve problems will allow it to succeed. It is important for the leader to only create rules that are necessary for the function and protection of the team. Unnecessary rules should be avoided. Any rules or guidelines should be discussed with members to make sure they agree and are in compliance with them. Leadership 6 WHAT LEADERS CAN DO TO MOTIVATE THEIR FOLLOWERS

The first thing to do is to limit the numbers of the rules by the leader. In fact, a leader should only set rules that are absolutely necessary for the function of their organizations. Once these rules are established, everyone under the leader should be familiar with them. The rules should be published, and should be located in a place where they are easy to see. The leader should make sure that the rules equally applied to them/managers and everyone, They should follow the same guidelines as those beneath them, and should never be exempt.

After-all Lord R. G (1997) believes no one is above the rules. It could be argued that the ability to motivate is one of the most important qualities a great leader should have. Indeed, if the members of a group are not motivated by their leader, the success of the group will be unlikely. The challenge of the leader is to create an environment where their followers can be motivated to succeed. Motivation is a simple concept that many organizations fail to use. They don’t reward or recognize the success of their members, or they fail to properly communicate.

To motivate the followers the leader must first want to avoid any behaviors that will demotivate the followers. Research indicated that number of polls taken by employees has shown that a large percentage of them aren’t happy with their work environment because they either don’t have the tools they need, or they have a hard time communicating with their supervisors. These polls also demonstrated that many employees don’t even know what their superiors want from them.

Is it any wander that most businesses fail within the first five years? Even though money is one reason, a failure to motive employees is likely another. The costs involved with a leader not motivating their employees or followers are heavy. Many departments in large companies are created in a way that disconnects employees from each other. While it is important for them to be able to concentrate, employees must all feel like they are part of a group. Supervisors will want to have frequent meetings nd gatherings away from the cubicles were employees can communicate with each other and have group discussions. In a situation like this, the group will work together to form a well oiled machine, a machine that will perform quite well. THE SECRET OF A SUCCESSFUL LEADER Lord R. G (1997) believes that common problem that many leaders have is trust from those that follow them. A great leader is rare. They tend to have a specific combination of abilities that are difficult to learn. Many of the things that compose a great leader appear to be natural.

Many people have personalities that allow them to easily move into leadership positions, while other people may not display leadership abilities until they are placed in a difficult situation. In this situation, people that appear to be normal could demonstrate a brilliant capability to lead. Other people choose to lead. They understand what it takes to be a good leader, and choose to take on this role. When a leader follows the rules created, then they will earn respect. Respect, honestly, reliability, efficiency and accountability, those are secret of successful leadership.