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Lead Auditors Report on Iso 14001 and Ohsas 18001

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Auditees : ____HO s and staff Department : IFC,FEM,HR,KESSB,SSHE,PBB,AH,PH/BS,CARGO ____Date of Audit : _____26TH Nov 2012 – 18th Dec 2012___ Procedure Involved : a) OSH Act 1994 & relevant Regulations b) F&M Act 1967 & relevant Regulations (including BOWEC Reg. 1986) c) OHSAS 18001 Standard d) ISAGO Standards Manual Effective May 2010 2nd Edition e) EMS ISO 14001 StandardAudit Team : 1.

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Lead Auditors Report on Iso 14001 and Ohsas 18001

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. Meor Badrul Niza bin Ahmad Rafie – Dept :ILS 2. En Amir Syakib Yahya – Dept QAD 3, En. Abdul Razak Sauzi – Dept :QAD 4. En. Zainudin Zaini 5.

Cik Nadiah Yahaya| SUMMARY OF AUDITBased on the observation made during this audit, it was noted that KLAS has made a good start-up at launching the OHSAS 18001 and EMS ISO 14001 campaign working towards certification of OHSAS 18001 in 2013 and EMS ISO 14001 in 2014 for example: 1) Workers on site are consistently wearing basic PPE such as Yellow/orange vest and Safety shoes. 2) Almost all workers on site have been SHE inducted. 3) Centralised Scheduled Waste store is provided at GSE workshop 4) Consistently and periodically carrying out SHE training such as ERT; Fire fighting and Chemical spill control.

However, below are the key improvements that the KLAS team needs to address: 1) To ensure all and every machineries on site are registered before they are used and monthly inspected with upkeep and maintenance done to ensure they are fit to use . 2) Ensure the quality of the inspection carried out is in detail and not just for the sake of inspection. 3) Ensure Security personnel are trained on the Site SHE requirements and they assist by screening employees and give safety briefing to visitors entering the site . ) To ensure all chemical containers are labeled and each chemical shall have its own MSDS and each site shall have its own Chemical Register. The Chemical Register and MSDSs can be placed at the SHE Notice board for easy reference 5) To ensure the scheduled waste management and communication flow is refined and retuned between process owners and scheduled waste store keepers. 6) Accidents and incidents without forgetting near misses are given due attention and investigated thoroughly to prevent future accidents and incidents. ) Compliance to the legal and other requirement are addressed diligently and carefully to avoid unnecessary penalty or hefty summonses. AREA OF CONCERN 1. Ground handling equipments and machineries are in bad shape and require immediate upkeep and maintenance to prevent from accidents and incidents. 2. Manual work involving cargo manual lifting ,distribution and loading or unloading is rampant thus back support PPE is a must unless an engineering control tool is introduced to reduce manual labour. 3.

BOMB threat emergency procedure has not been addressed and need to be included in the existing ERP procedure. NON CONFORMANCERefer to CAR listing. | RECOMMENDATIONAs an Auditor, I strongly believe that KLAS Team can excel better than what and where WE currently are and this can be further enhanced by a better and systematic SHE management. | Signature : .......................... Date : ..................... Signature : .............................. Date : .........................

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