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Latest Reports: China Maternity Clothing Market

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Faced with a fleece competitive job market, a majority of mothers-to-be insist in working until near the mime of labor under permissive physical conditions. In Chinas maternity clothing market, most of pregnant women belong to the post ass-generation, of them, most working women pursue high brand consumption, fashion and have publicizing individuality. Foreign high-end maternity clothing is flooding into Chinese market, so maternity clothing market shows an upward development trend.

Because of huge and stable consumer groups with unprecedented consumption power, market demands expedite the emergence of a lot of maternity clothing producers. According to statistics, now there are nearly one hundred enterprises in Chinas maternity clothing industry, In addition many Hong Kong-funded and Taiwan- funded brands have marched Into Inland market. However most of domestic enterprises are small size with relatively weak strength, so their outputs are small and product style is single, and target customers belong to low-end customers.

Through years of development, natural elimination and Integration process, new competitors equip themselves with more powerful strength so as to conduct easiness from a higher starting point. Some enterprises which have resource integration competence and emphasize on brand operation stand out from the competition, such as O. C. T. Mall, HUBBUB and Gentles. At present sales value of Chinas maternity clothing is approximately about CCNY 5 billion, of which about 40% is generated in the sales of radiation-proof maternity clothing.

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