Langston Hughes

When was langston hughes born?
feb 1 1902
when did langston hughes die?
may 22 1967
What professions/ skills did langston hughes hold?
american poet
social activist
What was langston hughes an innovator of?
new literary art form of jazz poetry
What time period was langston hughes a leader of?
Harlem Reinassance
What was the Harlem Renaissance known as?
“negro was in vogue”
“when harlem was in vogue”
“black mecca”
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What was langston hughes ethnicity?
African American
White American
Native American
Where did langston hughes live throughout his life?
Born in Joplin, Missouri; later raised in Lawrence, Kansas by his grandmother, then in Lincoln, Illonois and Cleveland, Ohio
Where did Langston Hughes go to college?
Licoln University in Chester County, Pennsylvania
Where did Langston Hughes spend the remainder of his life?
New York to Harlem
What poem was published in 1921?
The Negro Speaks of Rivers
What was his life influenced by during the 1920’s?
The Harlem Renaissance
Where did the blacks migrate from when they moved into Harlem and why?
Moved from Manhattan because of racial tensions and rising real estate costs
Where was Harlem in NY and how big was it?
Northern end, two-square-mile neighborhood
How did African Americans find their voice in Harlem?
Through music, dance, art, theater, and literature
What famous names proudly represented Harlem?
Duke Ellington, Josephine Baker, Sarah Vaughn, Counter Cullen, Louis Armstrong, Langston Hughes, and Aaron Douglas all fostered pride in the African-American culture and experience
What did Langston Hughes try to depict?
the real lives of blacks in the lower social economic groups
What did Langston Hughes critize?
The prejudices based on skin color within the black community
What theme did Langston Hughes Stress?
What was Langston Hughes main concern?
uplift people, whose strengths, resiliency, courage, and humor wanted to record as part of the general American experience
What did Langston Hughes poetry potray?
the lives of the working-class blacks in America lives filled with struggle, joy, laughter; and music and pride
What did Langston Hughes confront?
Racial sterotypes, protested social conditions, and expanded the African American self-image