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Lan Based Time Keeping & Payrol System Ama Computer

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Integrated Sales and Stocks Inventory System for Farmacia San Jose III. Area of Investigation: At present property professionals and commercial businesses are having difficulties in practicing the old and traditional format of sales and stocks inventory.

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Lan Based Time Keeping & Payrol System Ama Computer

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. IV. Reasons for the Choice: Since sales and stocks inventory is seen as the main core and repository of records related to the entire business transactions.

The proprietors wish to have a remote access on their inventory. The proposed system will enable to automate the existing workflow and reduce turn-around time. The digitization of sales inventory will provide a secure storage, fast and easy withdrawal/retrieval of record and information. V. Importance of the Study: Manual handling of transactions is common to some of the businesses and this is what we hope to change. This study will simplify the work flow and will greatly succor the owner in business inventory. VI. Target users and Beneficiaries:

The target users and beneficiaries of the proposed system is the owner of the business, employers and their customers. VII. Software development Tools: The proponents have chosen Microsoft Visual Basic 6. 0 for creating system and Microsoft Access to be used as the main database to make the system more efficient, accurate, reliable and easy to use.

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