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Dear Sir:

For the last 16 years I have taken on ever greater responsibility for nurse management at the University of Chicago hospitals.  Currently, I am director of their critical care departments and oversee both the pediatric and adult emergency departments.  Currently, I am responsible for continuing education and research activities for 350 FTEs and I love my job.

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But I have reached the pinnacle of my career with this hospital organization and would like to now move on to greater challenges and responsibilities.

As you will note on the enclosed resume, in addition to 23 years progressively more responsible nursing and nursing oversight positions, I have recently begun work on my master of science in nursing. Eventually, I hope to educate other nurses and assist with progress in the field of nursing. But as much as I might enjoy teaching in the future, I also enjoy departmental management.

You might well imagine that in my position in Chicago, I have seen a bit of everything. I have helped implement the sexual assault advocates program at the University of Chicago hospitals, planned budgets and hired staff. I have worked with staffing agencies to maintain needed nursing levels while staying within budget. I have helped the university of Chicago hospitals to achieve and maintain quality patient care.

My experience is broad-based and extensive, making me the perfect addition to your staff.  I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you and discuss my vision for your hospital.  Thank you for your time an consideration.

Sincerely, Susan French Kranzer

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