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Korean Air and China Airlines

Lesson 1 – Self introduction Trick – Stereotype Airlines – China Airlines Instructor:Fiona Y.Hsiao ? ? ???? :???????????? Profile-? ? ?? 1.???? ?????? Marketing & Sales VP 2.??? (Kingdom of Bahrain) ???? (Gulf Air) ?? 3? ?? / ?? / ?? ? (??????????? ) 3.Duty travel: ?????????? —?? ? ?? ?? ?? 4.?????? ?? 5.

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???? ???? 6. ?????? ???? 7. ???? ????? : TVBS?????? WTO???? ?????????????????? ,???????? ??? 8. ?????? : ?? ???? ??? ?????? ?? ? ?????????????????? ?… Interview Skills Outlines Stereotype Self Intro Education Work Experience • Greetings • Manner • Characteristics • Nature • Professionalism Major + Activities + Learning

Position + Specialties Storytelling Quick Response B + F+ Q + E Ambition for the position ???? :???????????? What is Cabin Crew? Main Accountabilities: • You will be responsible for ensuring the safety of our guests as well as providing excellent customer service at all times. • inspiring our guests • displaying a high degree of motivation • enthusiasm and commitment in everything you do. What CI is doing? Green Energy Aircraft Weight Reduction Ground Repair & Service Maintenance Management ???? :???????????? What CI is doing? China Southern, China Eastern, Xiamen Airlines and China Airlines Form ”Greater China Connection” Partnership

On January 3, 2013, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Xiamen Airlines and China Airlines jointly launched the ”Greater China Connection” program. The four SkyTeam member airlines in the Greater China region will share resources to establish a common set of CrossStrait membership services. The scope of the ”Greater China Connection” program extends across more than 41 airports and more than 270 Cross-Strait flights a week. In other words, one in every two China-Taiwan flights is provided by a member of ”Greater China Connection. ‘ With more than 280 China/Taiwan-Hong Kong flights and nearly 25,000 China domestic flights a week, ”Greater China Connection” provides travelers with a more extensive network, more frequent flights, greater value and more convenient services. SkyTeam: Air France Korean Air KLM …….. ?????? ???? :???????????? Q: What do you think of us? When I get to know that China Airlines becomes the first Taiwanese airline to join SkyTeam and cements the alliance’s #1 position in the Greater China region. I feel honored being a Taiwanese. As I am aware of, there are Star Alliance, One World and SkyTeam partnership, non of irliners from Taiwan is able to be part of the member. By putting so much effort that people don’t know, we China Airline has came to the 1st airline joining team. It shows the identity of hub of Taiwan. Also, the ‘Plum Blossom’ promoting China Airlines’ corporate identity and presenting how blossom our crew could be every day when having guests on board….. ???? :???????????? Blood Type Parents’ Occupation Zodiac Sign ?? Trick Trick – Stereotype Where you come from 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 ??? Capricorn (12. 21-01. 20) ??? Aquarius (01. 21-02. 19) ??? Pisces (02. 20-03. 20) ??? Aries (03. 21-04. 19) ???

Taurus (04. 20-05. 20) ??? Gemini (05. 21-06. 21) ??? Cancer (6. 22-07. 22) ??? Leo (07. 23-08. 22) ??? Virgo (08. 23-09. 22) ??? Libra (09. 23-10. 23) ??? Scorpio (10. 24-11. 21) ??? Sagittarius (11. 22-12. 20) Zodiac Sign??? In-class practice stereotype ?Example 1? A1: Hello, how are you today? Welcome to our interview. Please introduce yourself in 3 minutes. B1: I would be very glad to do so. My name is _____. It’s a special name which means________. I come from a ordinary and simple family so that I get intimate with classmates better than with families. I fit to live in groups instead of loneliness.

A2: Are your parents nine-to-fivers? B2: Yes, they are nine-to-fivers who go to work early and come home late. A3: Do your parents support you to join this interview? B3: Sure! My family thinks this is a long-term career and hopes that I can hold this chance to bring myself into this field. A4: Do you live in Taipei? How will you come to work if we hire you? How long does it take you on transportation? B4: I don’t live in Taipei. It’s no problem with me to be on time! I can drive. If parking is inconvenient, I would go out earlier to match up my duty. ???? :???????????? In-class practice ?Example 2? Buffer

A1: Please describe yourself by using 3 words. B1: It can’t come to my mind immediately. But I think I can introduce myself by a phrase sentence that is “work smart”. I am particular about efficiency. Most social freshmen can’t grasp the right point; they often make mistakes and re-do it. Therefore, they easily make things delay behind the progress. stereotype A2: That’s right. Where do you live? B2: I live in HsinDen where is located in south of Taipei and near Wulai. Wulai is very beautiful. Many people go hot springs and hiking on holidays. A3: But it’s quite far from your place to the office. How will you come to work?

B3: Since high-speed way completed, people who live in HsinDen and Mucha usually go to work by either MRT or driving. I have the driving license / driver’s license and MRT card. Distance is not an issue as long as I am capable to manage my time well. A4: What do you think that you can’t work from nine-to-five? B4: I think it can’t be a nine-to-five job in aviation industry. Because we need to cooperate with airport operation and flight schedule, I understood. ???? :???????????? In-class practice ?Example 3? stereotype A1: Talk about your family. B1: I’m very happy to. I come from an academic-oriented family.

My parents are teachers who are very conscientious and well-disciplined. They say “to be strict with ourselves and lenient towards others” which is reasonable to me. A2: Have you ever talked about your willingness to your family? B2: Yes. My mother agreed, but my father was worried. Finally my decision is the decision. fact A3: Are you living with your family? B3: No, I rent a place with roommates. I wasn’t used to it in the beginning because we need to clean up the toilet and garbage by turns. But now, I am used to living independently and sharing housework. It makes me become more independent and matured.

A3: Do you worry that you will keep away from your family & friends at a distance? B3: Yes, it maybe is true. But you know that true affection won’t be changed because of distance. We have e-mails and cell phones. Nowadays, the communication system is so convenient that the whole world is just like a “global village”!! I am not worried about it at all. ???? :???????????? In-class practice stereotype ?Example 4? A1: Please briefly introduce yourself. B1: Sure. I come from south of Taiwan. I am diligent, patient and can adapt to the environment better than ones from north. A2: That’s right. Will your accommodation be a problem to you?

B2: I have to say I need some time to set up housing, but 1 week is enough! A3: You seem very confident! However, the salary we can provide in the beginning won’t be high. Could you accept it? B3: Normally, people always expect to have higher salary. I am not exceptional. I understand that we will have a great deal of training courses so that the salary won’t be high in the initial stage. A4: OK. Could you turn around right here? B4: Sure. Is this ok? If needed, I can do it again. ??????????? ????? ?: ???????????? ??????????? ???? :???????????? ?? ~ ?? ~ :so that ??????? :instead of Ving / N. ?????????? :match up ?????????? : Since + ??? , S+ ?? /?????. • ?? …?? …:either…or… • ??????? ,?????? : as long as + ???. • S + used to + V:???? ,???? ;? ?? (????? )? ;??? : • • • • !! be + used to +Ving • ?? :to keep someone at a distance • ?? :adapt to ???? :???????????? • ????? :a large number / a great quantity / a great deal (of) / a world of ? ? ? ? ? Now, your show time…….. 60’s – Greeting with your interviewers. – Your name? – Your age? – School level / major? – Work experience? – Why do you think know about China Airline? – Reasons for being a flight attendant? – What is your contribution? – Saying Thank You. ???? :????????????

Your blood type is “O. “Some says this type means people is very stubborn and objective. What do you think? Buffer & Stereotype ?? ????? Actually, I have heard and got this question quite often when  people gets to know my blood type is “O”. Turning I had to admit that we are somehow stubborn and objective  Point than the rest. However, in stead of saying we are like that,  I would put in this way by saying we are devoting and insisting in  doing things which are supposed to be done in a right way. For  example, as a employer, I believe that’s no short? cut when doing  work, not to mention in the service industry.

I believe that we  should provide services to customers/passengers up to standard  as how we are trained no matter there’s someone checking  behind us. That’s how I am going to devote myself when flying  with our big family. ???? :???????????? ?????? • Q: Please introduce yourself in 1 minutes. • Q: What are the three major elements from a successful flight attendant? • Have you ever fly w/ us? And your impression? • If one of the PAX touches your hand, what would you do? ???? :???????????? ??? ???? ? ? ??? *???? www. airjob. com. tw *???? [email protected] com. tw We Welcome You to Our Workshop… ???? :????????????

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