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Kola Nuts

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Kola-Nut: The Symbol of Hospitality

  • It is a bitter brown seed containing caffeine
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  • In the past, has been added to drinks to diminish hunger and fatigue
  • The offering of a Kola-Nut is very important in the Igbo culture and is only offered to very important guests
  • This offering of the Kola-Nut has three steps that must be followed. The first step is the presentation of the kola-nuts.
  • The next is the breaking of the kola-nut and the third is the distribution of the kola-nuts
  • Presentation of the kola-nut can only be done by privileged men
  • Kola-nut is passed around until it finally comes back to the guest
  • Elder will then hold up kola-nut and say a prayer
  • Then kola-nuts are eate


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