Kite Runner Vocabulary Part 2

Definition: related or connected
Part of Speech: adjective
Sentence from text: “Wali and Kamal watched this exchange with something akin to fascination” (Hosseini, 24).
Antonym/Synonym: comparable/disconnected
Example: The two friends had the same akin personality.
Definition: fastener
Part of Speech: noun
Sentence from text: “Baba says Hitler was crazy, that he ordered a lot of innocent people killed, I heard myself say before I could clamp a hand on my mouth” (Hosseini, 8).
Antonym/Synonym: clasp/unclamp
Example: All the students clamped their hands over their mouth when they saw that one of their classmates had a black eye.
Definition: achievement, or by maneuver
Part of Speech: noun
Sentence from text: “I remember Hassan and I crouching that next morning outside my father’s study, as Baba and Rahim Khan sipped black tea and listened to breaking news of the coup on Radio Kabul” (Hosseini, 1).
Antonym/Synonym: accomplishment/to coup
Example: The smart girl told her coup news to her parents about how well she had done on her report card.
Definition: believer, follower
Part of Speech: noun
Sentence from text: “Someday, I’ll make you face me one on one. Asset retreated a step. His disciples followed” (Hosseini, 25).
Forms: Discipulus
Antonym/Synonym: witness/god
Example: The boys disciples played a prank on one of their teachers and later blaming the whole thing on another classmate.
Definition: give forth, eject with force
Part of Speech: verb
Sentence from text: “His hands trembled with the strain of the pulled elastic band and beads of sweat had erupted on his brow” (Hosseini, 20).
Forms: erupting
Suffix/Prefix: erupt (v)
Antonym/Synonym: blow up/stable
Example: The quiet girl erupted with frustration when she could’t take the noise anymore.
Definition: a brief period of commotion or excitement.
Part of Speech: noun
Sentence from text: “There was a flurry of rapid movement behind me” (Hosseini, 19).
Forms: flurries, flurried, flurrying
Suffix/Prefix: flurr
Antonym/Synonym: burst/settle
Example: There was a flurry of screaming fans at the concert when the famous singer came out on stage.
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Definition: imposingly grand
Part of Speech: adjective
Sentence from text: “He made a sweeping, grandiose gesture with his hands” (Hosseini, 12).
Forms: grandiosely, grandioseness, grandiosity
Suffix/Prefix: grand
Antonym/Synonym: imposing/ordinary
Example: Alicia belonged to “the” clique, but was seemingly less grandiose than her peers because she said “Hello” to me every day after 3rd Period.
Definition: to impress or fix (as a thought) deeply
Part of Speech: transitive verb
Sentence from text: “You should know something about me, Hazara, Assef said gravely” (Hosseini,25).
Forms: graved, graven, graiving
Suffix/Prefix: grave (n)
Antonym/Synonym: inscribe/birth
Example: The teacher told her students in a gravely tone how much of a pleasure it was to have them in her class this semester
Definition: directed with strained or eager attention : concentrated.
Part of Speech: adjective
Sentence from text: “He searched Hassan’s face intently” (Hosseini, 24).
Forms: intentness, intentingly, intentionally, intention
Suffix/Prefix: intent
Antonym/Synonym: hesitant/firm
Example: The mom looked at her child intently after getting a call from the principal.
Definition: a subtle distinction or variation.
Part of Speech: noun
Sentence from text: “Hassan’s face was my earliest memory and I knew all of its subtle nuances, knew each and every twitch and flicker that ever rippled across it.” (Hosseini, 22).
Forms: nuanced (adj)
Suffix/Prefix: nuance
Antonym/Synonym: distinction/assume
Example: He listened to the subtle nuances in the song.
Definition: a sociopathic individual: psychopath
Part of Speech: noun
Sentence from text: “Years later, I learned an English word for the creature that Assef was, a word for which a good Farsi equivalent does not exist: sociopath” (Hosseini, 4).
Suffix/Prefix: socio
Antonym/Synonym: maniac/normal individual
Example: The sociopath murdered his whole family.
Definition: to laugh in a covert or partly suppressed manner: titter
Part of Speech: intransitive verb
Sentence from text: “Assef snickered” (Hosseini, 9).
Forms: snickerer, snickery
Suffix/Prefix: snicker
Antonym/Synonym: moan/giggle
Example: The girls snickered when they saw one of their classmates getting in trouble for texting on there phone under their desk.
Definition: unusual discernment or foresight.
Part of Speech: noun
Sentence from text: “A man with vision” (Hosseini, 8).
Forms: visional, visionally
Suffix/Prefix: vision
Antonym/Synonym: shortsightedness/illusion
Example: The high school student had a vision of how successful she was going to be in her career after graduating from college.

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