Kinesiology 12-17

Which of the following is NOT an example of a profession?
shoe salesperson
A coach knows which key opens the door to the equipment room, what time the custodians arrive at work, and which company offers the best bus service for her team’s travel. This is an example of
workplace knowledge
The type of knowledge represented by a fitness leader’s skill in motivating his clients to adhere to a disciplined exercise routine, and one that is very difficult for the leader to explain to others, is called
Professional practice knowledge
Sometimes professionals working in an institution do not have as much freedom as private practitioners have in evaluating and initiating the course of action that should be taken when dealing with clients. This is an example of
loss of professional autonomy
A professional who operates according to the philosophy that “healthy people and a good and just society first, my profession and I second” demonstrates what might be called
social trustee, civic professionalism
Which of the following is NOT true of kinesiology theory?
is always directly applicable to professional practice
Professionals are granted monopolies on the delivery of service because only they possess the knowledge and skills to meet the particular needs of the community.
Knowledge of translating theory into professional practice is called
Professional practice knowledge
The ethical conduct of professionals is governed by
Professional organizations
If you discover that you would like to become a physical activity professional, but you suffer from stage fright and hate to speak in front of groups, as a student your best option is to
consider taking classes in public speaking so you can master your fear
attending the national conference of the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance during your undergraduate years
is an indication of your early commitment to the physical activity professions
The internship is a valuable part of your education because it allows you to apply your skills in a supervised setting, and it serves as a test of your preparedness for your profession.
What would be the best way to identify with a profession?
joining a professional organization
A skillful orthopedist that performs many unnecessary operations on patients in order to make more money is an example of what type of professional?
mechanical, market driven professional
Kinesiology and its spheres of professional practice are considered part of the helping professions.
Generally, all professions require the same set of behaviors from their members, including acceptable dress, codes of conduct, and language and terminology.
A director of a commercial fitness center who is motivated primarily by the bottom line is likely to adhere to principles of mechanical, market-driven professionalism.
Those who work for nonprofit or governmental organizations can approach the ideals of social trustee, civic professionalism more easily than can those working in the private sector.
Course work in biomechanics, sport psychology, and motor development is included in undergraduate programs as part of the theoretical knowledge of kinesiology.
Knowledge of kinesiology theory is sufficient to prepare you for professional practice.
Who of the following is more likely to adhere to principles of mechanical, market-driven professionalism?
The best predictor of your success in the physical activity professions is probably the level of commitment you make to preparing yourself to be the most knowledgeable and highly skilled practitioner possible.
Professionals develop a range of cognitive, perceptual, and motor skills, anchored in theoretical, workplace, and practice knowledge, that enable them to achieve predetermined outcomes efficiently and effectively.
Physical activity professionals must always be licensed to provide their services to their clients.
In general, employers have found that health and fitness programs
decrease absenteeism
In 2008, the updated physical activity guidelines for Americans were published by the U.S. government in a document titled
Healthy People 2008
Hospitals and outpatient medical facilities are examples of what kind of work setting in health and fitness?
clinical setting
Retention-based commercial facilities
limit the number of memberships sold and focus on customer satisfaction
Worksite health and fitness programs have been found to decrease absenteeism and reduce medical claims.
Fitness professionals working in community settings have more contact with medical professionals and with clients who have diagnosed medical conditions than do professionals in other settings.
Fitness instructors conduct health screenings and fitness assessments and design individualized programs for clients
Personal trainers typically provide their services on a fee-for-service basis.
To maximize your educational experience while in college, you should select a broad spectrum of elective courses in your degree program to help prepare you for your chosen profession.
In the early 1980s, what percentage of employers offered worksite health and fitness programs?
less than 5 percent
Health and fitness directors focus on clients’ behavior changes that go beyond increasing their physical activity levels.
Theoretical kinesiology is of little use to health and fitness professionals.
Students aspiring to health and fitness careers should specialize in biophysical subdisciplines and not worry about taking courses in teaching, counseling, business, and marketing.
Employment in health and fitness careers often requires a person to earn a certification from one of the professional organizations in the field (such as ACSM, ACE, NSCA).
Facilities like the YMCA and parks and recreation departments are associated with what kind of setting?
community setting
What do the stages of change help you do?
identify where a person is in readiness to change her current behavior
Which of the following is a component of the multidimensional model of wellness?
Traditionally, health and fitness professional activities have taken place in what four settings?
worksite, commercial, clinical, community
One of the Healthy People 2020 objectives is to increase the proportion of employed adults who have access to and participate in employer-based exercise facilities and exercise programs.
Which of the following represents a for-profit sport participation organization?
Gold’s Gym
A government publication that established physical activity objectives for all Americans was titled
Healthy People 2020
Which is NOT a professional career in fitness?
college football coach
Personal trainers and fitness instructors are examples of what professional area of physical activity?
health and fitness
The sphere of professional practice in physical activity includes
coaching and sport instruction, sport management, health and fitness, therapeutic exercise, teaching physical education
This organization provides strong research support for the benefits of worksite health promotion programs.
Health Enhancement Research Organization
Terrell wants to become a health and fitness director. Which types of training, beyond his kinesiology degree, would best prepare him to achieve his goal?
skills in business, administration, and management
Which of the following forms of exercise would be considered habilitational?
training a firefighter to run while carrying a heavy weight
This organization developed a classification system that focused on what a person can do rather than the traditional model of what one can’t do and focuses on care that allows one to reach a particular level of function.
National Athletic Training Association
This system may be used by therapeutic specialists for habilitative and rehabilitative practice.
International Classification of Function, Disability and Health (ICF)
Who would help injured or ill individuals reach their maximum level of independence by emphasizing the acquisition and retention of functional skills and helping them to overcome environmental obstacles?
Occupational Therapists
Social, economic, and other factors can often prohibit patients from traveling regularly to a(n) __________ facility for treatment.
Programs that stress weight reduction are a form of rehabilitation therapeutic exercise.
Orthopedic physical therapists treat patients who have injuries or diseases of the muscles, bones, and joints.
Whom would you contact to get into maximum physical shape?
Strength and conditioning specialists
Most, but not all, states require licensure for practice as an athletic trainer.
All states require licensure for practice as an occupational therapist.
An athletic trainer is a
Health Care Professional
What therapeutic exercise profession is thought by many to be synonymous with sports medicine (it is actually an incorrect assumption)?
athletic training
Which of the following is NOT an example of a clinical setting?
Professionals who help sick and injured patients regain the physical skills for performing ADLs and IADLs are
Occupational and Physical Therapists
What is the major difference between rehabilitative and habilitative therapeutic exercise?
restoring versus equipping
By the year 2020, physical therapists will be required to hold a doctorate of physical therapy in order to practice.
This professional works with clients to maximize physical performance, reduce the frequency of injury, and decrease the possibility of cardiovascular disease by designing programs for the specific needs of individuals (sport and activity specific).
strength and conditioning specialist
Which of the following best describes the role of a sport physical therapist?
treatment of an athletic population suffering from injuries as the result of competition
Which of the following professions would most likely be involved in patient home care?
physical therapist
What is habilitative exercise?
helping to acquire normal function
This professional works with clients with physical disability or impaired mental function to restore, remediate, or rehabilitate their function and independence. They also focus on social integration (treatment team approach) for their clients.
therapeutic recreation specialist
A strength and conditioning coach could work in all of the following primary settings EXCEPT
Which of the following is an example of a person in need of habilitative therapeutic exercise?
a 34-year-old man weighing 270 pounds who is unable to function daily without fatigue
If you wanted to be a physical therapist who mainly worked with conditions related to aging or other problems associated with older members of the population, what would you most likely choose to specialize in?
Occupational therapists assist people with physical, emotional, or mental disabilities to restore or ______ as much ______ as possible in daily living and work.
maintain; independence
________________ is becoming a common practice of raising clients’ level of function before surgery to assist with their recovery and limit their decline from normal function after the surgery.
What is rehabilitative exercise?
restoring lost function
Pedagogy of physical education is often referred to as
sport pedagogy
What is another term for the study of teaching?
Which of the following best describes content knowledge?
knowledge about the subject matter
In a physical activity class, engaged time refers to
time actually spent on task, doing physical activity
The recommendation for on-task, functional learning time is that for a minimum of ________ of the total class time, students should be engaged in physical activity.
50 percent
Which of the following describes professional practice knowledge?
knowledge that teachers acquire as a result of practicing their craft
Which of the following is most critical in helping students develop skills?
ample appropriate practice opportunities
Public Law 94-142 ensures that students with disabilities are provided with appropriate physical education.
Instructors can best assist students to learn the rules and the routines by
having high expectations and being firm but warm
The set of standards that should be met by all beginning teachers in physical education was developed by
Which of the following describes a curriculum that emphasizes the development of personal responsibility?
social development model
Which of the following represents the most common form of discrimination in physical education?
physical ability discrimination
What is the most common concern for new teachers?
class management and discipline
An outstanding physical education teacher does all of the following EXCEPT
use personal experience as the primary basis for making teaching decisions
Undergraduate students often believe that they know all there is to know about teaching and have little more to learn.
Teaching others successfully requires a background in knowledge about the _____ of physical education.
To what does teacher-coach role conflict refer?
the challenge of meeting the conflicting demands of the two positions
What is the major professional organization related to teaching physical education?
What five teaching behaviors characterize excellence?
knowledge, automaticity, flexibility, problem solving, self-evaluation
“With-it-ness” refers to teacher expectations that are clearly enforced.
Learned helplessness is a temporary response for someone who is perceived as a low achiever.
Secondary physical education is in a healthier state than elementary physical education.
All of the following characterize teaching excellence EXCEPT
What is the primary goal of a physical activity pedagogist?
to educate
Which of the following represents the most pressing goal for school physical education programs?
to make sure children learn physical activities that can be carried into adulthood
What is sport pedagogy?
study of teaching physical education
What are the two most important components of being an effective teacher?
practice knowledge and research literature
This law requires all schools in the National School Lunch Act to implement a school-wide plan addressing physical activity and nutrition.
Public Law 108-265
This professional would typically concentrate on skill development rather than team organization and winning.
skill instructor
All of the professions in teaching and coaching are concerned with
developing fitness and motor skill performance
Teaching tends to be directed toward
populations with limited to moderate levels of skill and knowledge
Sport instructors focus their efforts on helping their clients acquire new skills.
Teaching and coaching both involve instruction.
Coaches direct much of their attention to teaching basic skills rather than enhancing performance.
Coaches and instructors working in community programs are usually guided by this value system (introduced in chapter 12).
social trustee, civic professional orientation
Community-based organizations that use the asset-based approach in their physical activity settings for youth focus on
the positives and what children can do as the starting point for their success
Schools are the only places where teachers teach.
Which of the following best describes middle school coaches?
They help students interested in sport develop a positive view of themselves as athletes and teach them important physical skills and strategies.
Teaching and coaching are roughly the longest-standing professions within the field of physical activity.
In what coaching setting would more time be spent instructing fundamentals?
community settings
What is the difference between sport instruction and sport coaching?
Sport instructors are hired by an individual or group to provide specific sport instructional services, while, depending on the level, sport coaches are volunteers or paid by an institution (school, recreational program, club) to provide services (practice, management, game day duties) to a group of athletes.
How do the acts of teaching and coaching compare?
The acts are similar, and the professions are distinct.
How do the duties of teachers and coaches compare?
There is little overlap in their duties.
At which level of physical activity coaching are positions least available?
What is a serious problem that can occur at the site of youth sport competitions?
dealing with parents
Which of the following statements is the most correct in relation to time spent by coaches and time spent by sport instructors?
Instructors spend more time on instruction than they spend on supplemental responsibilities.
Which of the following are activities common to acts of sport instruction and coaching?
instructional activities designed to alter attitudes, knowledge, and behaviors with respect to physical activity
What is a common task or duty of both sport instructors and coaches?
meeting with parents
Duties of coaches and their supplemental responsibilities do NOT include
lesson planning
Both clinical and educational sport psychologists teach athletes a variety of techniques for performance enhancement. Which of the following is NOT one of those techniques?
Professional sport instructors are unlikely to offer their services (private or group lessons) at which of the following venues?
public schools
Which is an institutionalized setting for coaching?
private secondary school
What other duty besides coaching is a head coach at a high school most likely to have?
teaching a math class
Although not required for all of the coaching and instructor careers, certifications can be earned for these positions.
Two organizations that offer certification programs for community sport and high school sport coaches and instructors are
American Sport Education Program and National Federation of State High School Associations
Providing support services, facilities, and other amenities to make the performance and spectatorship of the physical activity experience as enjoyable as possible is the goal of
sport management
Risk management is a responsibility of
all employees
The use of social media has not become a key tool for sports managers.
Which of the following represents information placed in the media by an identified sponsor that pays for the time or space?
What tactic do sport marketers use to increase consumption of their product (actual purchases or viewership)? Examples of this tactic include offering product samples, reducing prices on tickets (e.g., a fan four pack that includes ticket, drink, and hot dog), arranging player appearances, and offering clinics.
Which professional organization is responsible for the development and continued monitoring of the curriculum standards for sport management degree programs?
A mentor is best described as an individual who
provides a student or professional with guidance and advice based on her own wisdom and related experiences
What skill or ability is required in order to function effectively in almost every sport management task?
The sport industry has existed only since the 1950s.
The sport industry includes only competitive sport.
People working within _________ may be responsible for a variety of tasks, which may include conducting risk assessments, implementing security, developing schedules, and overseeing concessions.
venue and event management
Which of the following is NOT a crucial skill or experience for sport management students interested in getting a job in their field after graduation?
a variety of practical experiences (e.g., internship), coaching experience
Risk management focuses primarily on practices and procedures designed to eliminate financial losses.
Which job would NOT be considered as a part of the sport management industry?
college recruiter
Which of these best describes the sport management field?
It offers many employment opportunities.
Which of the following is the greatest asset of any sport organization?
Which of these is NOT one of the subindustries identified within the text as part of the sport management industry?
Sport entertainment includes a variety of jobs and segments of the industry. Which of the following is a job type associated with sport entertainment?
event management
Program management activities vary across functional areas and sport industry segments. Two of the more common areas are
scheduling and maintenance of facilities and equipment
As U.S. society has grown more inclined to take legal action, sport managers have become more concerned about which of the following?
risk management
Ice-skating rinks and bowling alleys would fall under which setting of the sport management industry?
The 21st century provides many exciting employment opportunities for qualified individuals interested in ________ management careers.
Research and development centered on understanding consumer opinions regarding sport experiences are associated with ____________________.
marketing management
Within sport management, __________________ seeks to achieve positive relationships between the sport organization and its most important constituents.
public relations management
Which of the following is a for-profit sport participation organization?
golf course
Which of the following is a nonprofit sport participation organization?