Keystone: Topic 2 Cells and Cellular Organization

What structure defines a cell
Cell Membrane
What do we call and organism that does have a nucleus
What do we call an organism that does not have a nucleus
What are two examples of prokaryote
1. Eubacteria
2. Archaebacteria
What are three types of eukaryotes
1. Plants
2. Animals
3. Fungi
What ribosomes help make for the cell
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What is the fluid inside a cell called
What does the endoplasmic reticulum connect to
Golgi Bodies
What is the section of the endoplasmic reticulum that has attached ribosomes
Rough ER
What is the section of the endoplasmic reticulum that does not have attached ribosomes
Smooth ER
When a protein leaves the Golgi Bodies, what does it take with it?
Membrane of the rough ER which is then formed into vesicle
What items could be stored in a vesicle
Nutrients, energy for cell
Lysosomes and Lytic vacuoles do what?
Digests worn out organelles & molecules
What is an organelle
Membrane-bound structure within a living cell
Where do we turn sugars into ATP
What do plants use for photosynthesis
Convert light into sugars for cell
What do filaments do
Gives structure and communication through the cell