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Key influences on the emergence of symbolic interactionism

Idealism Scottish Moralist Functional Psychology Darning’s Evolution Pragmatism German Idealism: it is if the view that humans create the worlds they inhabit. That is human being occupy a world of our own making. It further argues that forms and perception have no existence prior to their objects.

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That is we create form and perception as we create symbolic material object. They believe that meaning is formed out of interaction. Scottish Moralist: It focuses on how the mind and self are social products.

One of the theorists is Adams smith who talked extensively about role taking. Functional Psychology: Functional psychology argues that communication is the process which makes society. They are of the view that language makes the society possible because only human possess language they are active beings who do not passively respond to stimuli. Darning’s Evolution: It argues that there Is novelty to human activity that perpetually defies both determinism and confident predictability. The evolution concept of process and emergence bestowed on some ideas such as behavior is a result of an adaptation to environment.

Pragmatism: pragmatism are of the view that human beings are active creative agent and not passive. They argue that the world people live In Is the one they had In hand that Is shaped by them. They further argue that subjectivity does not exist prior to experience but it rather flows from It.