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Kent state Nutrition programme

Honors equivalents shall satisfy the Kent Core. None of the courses on the Kent Core list may be taken with a pass/fail grade. Visit www.

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Kent. Deed/catalog/Kent-core for course list. Diversity Course Requirement Students must complete a two-course diversity requirement, consisting of one with a domestic (U. S. ) focus and one with a global focus. One course must come from the Kent Core.

The second course may be taken as a second Kent Core, within a major or minor, or as a general elective; or, with dean’s approval, by completing one semester of study in another country. Visit www. Kent. Deed/catalog/diversity for course list. Writing-Intensive Course Requirement Students must complete a one-course writing-intensive requirement in their major and earn minimum C (2. 00) grade. Visit www. Kent. Deed/catalog/wick for course list.

Experiential Learning Requirement To provide students with direct engagement in learning experiences that promote academic relevance, meaning and an understanding of real-world issues, students must complete this requirement at Kent State, either as a for-credit course or as a non-credit, non-course experience approved by the appropriate faculty member. Visit www. Kent. Deed/catalog/leer for course list. Upper-Division Requirement Students must complete a minimum 39 upper-division (numbered 30000 to 49999) credit hours of coursework. Programs in the College of Arts and Sciences require a minimum of 42 hours of upper-division coursework.