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Kelloggs vintage ad

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In the early sass's, a well-known cereal brand, Kellogg, put out an advertisement for a new product it was producing, vitamins. The ad shows a well-dressed husband standing with his wife, both of whom look happy. The man Is wearing a suit, and the woman Is dressed to clean with her apron on and hand duster. The ad shows the husband saying, "So the harder a wife works, the cuter she looks. " On the bottom right hand side, you see a little comic of the husband and wife again speaking to each other. The husband says, "Gosh, honey, you seem to thrive on cooking, cleaning and dusting and I am all tuckered out by closing time.

What's the answer? ' The wife responds, "Vitamins, darling! I always get my vitamins. " This ad is trying to portray the man as hard working and tired, but a woman who, though she is also hard working, isn't tired, and is ready to please her man when he comes home. Kellogg is using sex appeal and gender roles to attract its consumers; however, this ad would be ineffective today because of its use of logos, ethos, and pathos. Back in the sass's, it is known that woman were the ones that did all the cooking and cleaning throughout the house, while the husband went to work. In the Kellogg ad you see a woman that

Is ready to clean and a man who has Just returned from work. The ad Is portraying a man holding his wife from behind saying "So the harder a wife works, the cuter she looks! " On the bottom right hand side of the ad you see the husband and wife again, this time facing each other, but again he is holding her. With the husband asking his wife how she seems to thrive on the cooking and cleaning because by the end of the day of work he is all tuckered out. The wife answers by saying, "Vitamins, Darling I always get my vitamins. " You get the idea that the woman will always be ready for the man.

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Especially with the way the husband is holding onto her. You can also get a glimpse of the gender roles that are being viewed. During that era woman had to stay home and maintain the house while the man went to work to make the money. On the left hand side of the ad, there is a tiny Image of a Kellogg PEP cereal box. By looking at the ad you would not know It was supposed to be about cereal. When looking at an advertisement you indirectly come across three approaches to the argument; logos, ethos, and pathos. When you look for the logos you are looking for the reason, or logic, behind the ad and what is making it appeal to the reader.

Looking at the vintage Kellogg ad, there are bold letters at the bottom saying, "Vitamins for pep! Pep for vitamins. " By reading that statement you want to assume that you are looking at an ad for vitamins. If you were to take your vitamins, then you would have the energy that you would need to do your daily tasks, and to also please your husband. The logic would not work today because taking vitamins does not give you substantial health benefits. It is more like that placebo effect, in which people believe that it is doing something for you, but in the long run it is not doing anything t all.

Ethos Is the credibility of the ad, so you are looking for the reputation, experience, and Its values of the advertiser. The ad Is showing how Kellogg PEP Is a good source for energy Like vitamins. So you can see that the brand of Kellogg and the reliability of vitamins are an excellent source of nutritional supplement. The brand of Kellogg and the belief that vitamins could give you what your regular diet you the energy that you were made to believe once did. Pathos is the emotion ad is portraying. It uses feelings, desires, and fear to influence your reader.

The woman in he picture looks energetic and ready to go do the cooking and all the household chores, such as laundry, dishes, dusting, mopping, etc. The wife feels better than the man after a long day of hard work, and that she is ready to go to please him. With the wife having all the energy, she will be able to perform the acts that her husband desires to make him happy. The pathos would not work today because women do not just stay home and cook and clean. Today woman have more say in the way things are done. Kellogg used ethos, logos, and pathos to attract their consumers.

Kellogg sees the idea of taking your vitamins as a supplement to give you energy to do your household chores, and for the woman to please her man. They are using sex appeal to attract more consumers. In that time woman were only allowed to wear dresses to look sexier. The ethos, logos, and pathos would not work today because of their use of sex appeal and gender roles. Today, women are able to go to work and not Just be a stay at home wife. Women have more options. By looking at the advertisement, you would not know that it was about Kellogg if it did not have the little logo box in the bottom left corner.

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