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K D Logistics

K D Supply Chain Solutions Pvt Ltd www. kdlogistics. co.

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in Campus Pre Placement Talk KD Supply Chain Solutions Pvt. Ltd. To be most efficient and effective Third party logistics Provider in India….. Our Vision Efficient: ? Productivity. Effective: ? Quality, Flexibility, Service level. efficient and effective ? Cost Minimization. ? Profit maximization. ? Supply Driven ? Demand (Customer) ? Doing Things Right. driven To be most efficient and effective Third party logistics Provider in India….. Services……

THIRD PARTY LOGISTICS WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT SERVICES TRANSPORTATION SERVICES CUSTOMISATION CENTER OPERATIONS ORDER MANAGMENT SERVCICES WAREHOUSE CONSTRUCTION DIVISION Services…… THIRD PARTY LOGISTICS > > > > > > > > > > > Inventory management Pick and pack operation Dispatch planning Invoicing Collection Quality control and audit Material handling Document management Stock audits Cycle counting Reverse Logistics Services…… WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT SERVICES Every client has a different requirement from its supply chain and we strive to meet that need as closely as we can.

Customization is possible for: > Automated operation with racking > Temperature controlled > Raw material handling > Finished good handling > Energy saving and environment friendly Services…… TRANSPORTATION SERVICES ? Primary Transportation. ? Secondary Transportation. ? Home delivery system. Services…… CUSTOMISATION CENTER OPERATIONS ?We have dedicated and specialized team operating product customization and intermediate packaging system. ? This team focuses on managing client’s inventory by eliminating transporting time to the packaging facility ?

These centers assembles products to suit local market down stream supply chain channel requirements. Services…… WAREHOUSE CONSTRUCTION DIVISION ?We have established ourselves in the construction of warehouses to suit clients’ needs and specific requirements. ? We have developed our own Logistics Park spanning 1. 5 million sq. ft. We are the first 3PL to be to create own infrastructure at Bhiwandi (near Mumbai), Mandideep (Madhya Pradesh) and Gurgaon (NCR). WAREHOUSE CONSTRUCTION DIVISION

Special feature: Bhiwandi Logistics Park ? Strategically located and very close Mumbai city touching NH3 ? Racked PEB structure ? State of the art logistics park with a floor strength of 4mt per sq mtrs ? Column less span of 150 feet which facilitate seamless movement of goods with in the facility. ? Exclusive parking facility for more than 100 vehicles. ? Separate entry and exit point for all warehouses. ? Seamless IT connectivity ? Uninterrupted power supply Important Statistics Revenue Logistics- INR 80 Cr • Owned Warehouse Space- 15 lac sq feet • Warehouse space maintained by KDL – FMCG – About 35 lac sq. feet – Retail – About 15 lac sq feet Summer internship -2013 What are we looking for ?? LEADERSHIP OWNERSHIP TEAM PLAYER DESCISION MAKER Summer internship -2013 What is there for you … • An opportunity which give you ownership. • An opportunity which give direct interaction to our clients. • Exposure to supply chain sector. • An opportunity to explore your entrepreneurial instincts. We…. Just started