John Adams Quiz

Were was John Adams born?
Braintree, MA
What college did John attend at the age of 15?
Why was John expected to go to college instead of becoming a farmer?
He was the oldest son.
What motivated John to behave and study hard at school?
He didn’t want to earn fines for his parents to pay.
What career options did a college graduate have in John’s time?
Minister, teacher, lawyer, or doctor.
What was John’s first job after finishing school?
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Why did George III begin to increase taxes on the colonies?
He wanted them to pay for the French & Indian War.
What type of document allowed British officials to enter a persons home to look for smuggled goods even without proof?
Writs of assistance.
Why did the colonists believe that Parliament did not have the right to levy certain taxes on them?
They had no representation there.
What did the “Proclamation Line” Act state?
Colonists could not settle past the Appalachian Mts.
What patriot group in Boston was Samuel Adams a part of?
Sons of Liberty
What did the Boston Tea Party protest against?
A monopoly on tea sales.
What did the pamphlet “Common Sense” accomplish in the colonies?
Convinced the colonists of the need for independence.
What happened on July 4, 1776?
The text of the Declaration of Independence was approved.
What was the aim of the Intolerable Acts?
To punish the people of Massachusetts.
What was John Adams’ first official position for the new nation after the war?
Minister of Great Britain.
What was the biggest challenge of John Adams’ time as President?
Keeping America out of war with France.
What year was the White House completed?
Where did the British give the final surrender of the war?
What treaty ended the Revolutionary War?
Treaty of Paris
Which of these 2 favors a strong central government?
On what day did both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson die?
July 4, 1826
October 30, 1735
Braintree, Massachusetts