JFK Facts

JFK was the first president to be inviolved in televised _______
JFK was the youngest or oldest president elected in history.
What religion was JFK?
Roman Catholic
Was JFK the first Roman Catholic to be elected president?
What # president was JFK?
What # president was JFK of the presidents assassinated?
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What # president was JFK of the presidents who died in office?
When was JFK born?
May 29, 1917
Was JFK wealthy growing up or poor growing up?
Was JFK in a small family or a large family?
Large (He was the second of nine children)
What was JFK’s nickname that his family called him?
When did JFK graduate college?
What kind of health was JFK in growing up?
Poor Health
Where did JFK go to college?
What branch of the military was JFK?
What rank was JFK in his branch of the military?
When did JFK try to enter politics?
After WWII
What state did JFK represent and in what year?
Massachusetts in 1946
What year did JFK run for Senate and did he win?
In 1952, he won.
Who was JFK’s wife?
Jacqueline Bouvier
What kind of surgery did JFK have and why?
Back surgery because of a WWII injury
What was the name of JFK’s book?
Profiles in Courage
What was the name of the prize that JFK’s book won?
Pulitzer Prize
When did JFK win a prize for his book?
Did JFK win the presidential nomination for the Democratic Party in 1956?
Did JFK win the presidential nomination for the Democratic Party in 1960?
The presidential debate in 1960 was between JFK and who?
Richard Nixon
What was JFK’s middle name?
Which of the presidential nominees looked nervous during the presidential debate?
Richard Nixon
Did JFK win the presidential race by a giant or slim margin?
Slim (118,574)
What was one of JFK’s biggest worries about at home?
Civil Rights
Was the Bay Of Pigs Invasion successful?
No, everyone died or was captured.
Did JFK stop the Cuban Missile Crisis from becoming Nuclear War?
Who was great friends with Cuba after they adopted Communism?
The Soviet Union
Who was JFK’s assassin?
Lee Harvey Oswald
Where was JFK assassinated
Dallas, Texas
Who was JFK’s assassin killed by?
A Dallas businessman
When was JFK assassinated?
November 22, 1963
Who was JFK’s wife?
Jackie Kennedy
What was JFK riding in when he was shot?
A car in a motorcade