Jesus the Authoritative Teacher Sections 2A and 2B

Any thought, word, or act that expresses hatred or contempt for God, Christ, the Church, saints, or holy things.
A follower of Jesus. The word means “learner”
Where does the word authority come from?
The word author: the creator or originator of something.
Who was the teacher with authority?
What was Jesus’ first major teaching?
Five conflicts or controversies which reveal Jesus to be an authoritative teacher.
What was the first conflict?
Jesus claimed to be able to forgive sin which the Jewish people thought to be blasphemy.
A story involving a sustained comparison in which people, things, and events symbolically represent something else.
What did the second controversy involve?
The second controversy involved the hatred between Levi and Jesus’ table of fellowship with the sinners.
A simple story used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson, as told by Jesus in the Gospels
What do the last two conflicts involve?
The Sabbath
What does, “What remains hidden now will become crystal clear for all to see in the future,” referring to?
God’s Kingdom
What did the final dispute involve?
The Pharisees thought that it was unlawful to heal chronic diseases on the Sabbath.

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