IWC1 – Self Assessment – Module 1

When did the historical revival of Classical culture begin?
An elevation of intellectual life over religious faith.
What was a key feature of ancient Chinese humanism?
The hero’s journey has been called a
_______ reasoning proceeds from particular facts to a general conclusion (or from effect to cause).
Why is architecture considered an art?
Because architecture is concerned with the aesthetic effect of structures in their environment.
Age of Enlightenment
The ideas of the Renaissance are most commonly seen as paving the way for which of the following movements?
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Which of the following figures from the Renaissance worked in sculpture?
This philosopher is best known for his argument that a life guided by reason and virtue would lead to happiness.
trompe l’oeil
An art technique that uses realistic imagery to create the illusion of three dimensions is called:
a metaphor
In the Iliad, the poet Homer uses the phrase “the wine-dark sea.” This is an example of an author using:
The hero is an example of a mythic:
The interplay of ____ and ____ determines whether an architectural work is worthy of the label “art”:
form and function
Myths serve to explain what?
religious rites
origin of humanity
natural phenomena
What term describes the pleasure that beauty inspires in humans?
Aesthetic experience is __________.
its own justification
What describes a style of painting that creates the optical illusion of three dimensions?
trompe l’oeil
The two major forms of drama are:
tragedy and comedy
“The anger of the crowd is a volcano waiting to erupt.” This statement is an example of?
Drama as a written work is a form of:
Moral philosophy is the study of:
The basic rhythmic structure of a poem is called its:
How are the humanities integral to the development of human cultures?
They cultivate our facility with language
They nurture our capacity to think and reason
They deepen our sense of the past
Jungian theory suggests that mythic archetypes get transmitted through:
the collective unconscious
The humanities developed the distinction between ____ love and ____ love.
erotic and platonic
Reasoning that proceeds from particular facts to a general conclusion is considered:
Inductive Reasoning
The revival of classical art happened during what historical period?
The Renaissance
Western and Eastern humanism shared which of the following characteristics?
A focus on practical wisdom
Respect for a classic literary tradition
Which of the following defines happiness as the avoidance of pain?
What mode of study most likely to be employed by those in the humanities?
What helped distill abstract ideas and themes into visual or figurative representations for ancient cultures?