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Is418 Lab8

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IS 418 LAB 8 1. Explain the following command: rpm –qf/bin/ls -RPM command is used for installing, uninstalling, upgrading, querying, listing, and checking RPM packages on your Linux system. 2. Discuss the purpose of a software repository as it relates to YUM. -The yum system does not require any routine maintenance. It is useful to disable or remove repository definitions that are no longer required, as each repository that is defined and enabled is checked for every operation. You may also wish to periodically remove files relating to unwanted packages, in order to save disk space 3.

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Is418 Lab8

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How can one ensure a download tar ball is legitimate and hasn’t been tampered with? -Run a checksum test 4. List and explain at least 3 switches available with the tar command that can be useful in extracting and installing a tarball -ark 5. List and explain at least 3 switches associated with the rpm command that can be leveraged to verify, list and install rpm packages? tar zxvf makefile. tar. gz cd make file ./install/ 6. What security countermeasure can you enable to verify the integrity of download application or tar balls before you perform the installation? -used Ark to extract the tar ball . Explain what hashing is and how does this differ from encryption? -Hashing is just line of code and it not encrypted 8. If you wanted to know which package a certain program belonged to, what command would you run? -tar xvzf PACKAGENAME. tar. gz 9. Once you have downloaded an RPM package, what command would you run if you want to extract the files to a directory of your choice -tar xzvf file. tar. gz 10. Where would you find checksum hashes for all install program in a Fedora Core Linux Server? -Verification code called a hash computed from the original ISO files.

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