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Introductions to Interviews and Interrogations: False Confessions

In 1988, Ted White was clubbed in the head and face at his mattress business between 12:45 and 1:55 p. m. White died of his injuries three days later and was never able to tell the police officers of the incident.

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There were no witnesses found and the police never discovered any fingerprints or DNA to help identify the actual perpetrator. Regardless, police originally suspected Matt Mason of the murder but were unable to bring a case against him. Mason and Tinney were acquaintances. Glenn Tinney original pled guilty to the murder of ted white in 1992.

There was evidence that was presented at court that got Tinney sentence exonerated. The evidence they had to get his sentence exonerated was the fact that none of the confessions matched the facts of the crime and an Ohio judge reversed Tinney’s conviction. The prosecutor investigator was told Glenn Tinney may know something about Mason’s participation in ted white’s murder, Tinney said that him and mason killed Ted white together but then a couple of days later he said he did the crimes alone. The police also uncovered that Glenn Tinney gave other statements that was not consistent with each other or with the facts of the crime.

The court concluded that upon close comparison of Tinney’s confessions, he “confessed to killing a man he could not identify, for conflicting motives which don’t match the facts, at the wrong time of day, with a weapon that does not match the victim’s injuries, by striking him in the wrong part of the head, and stealing items the victim either still possessed after the attach or probably never possessed. ” Because of these reasons, the court said it would be “manifestly unjust to deny withdraw of the guilty plea” because the confessions did not provide any support for the murder conviction (McGinn, 2013 ).


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