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Introduction to Project Management

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Also, The Project Manager may also have to deals with standards and regulations of he project, management skills, project environment, and Interpersonal skills. All of these are key ingredients for project organization because without it, a project may not flow efficiently or financially. 2) pass 3) What are the advantages and disadvantages to using project management? Advantages * Workflow Management, *Cost Containment, and *Productive Staff Utilization, Project management creates a system whereby workflow is measured and accounted for, ensuring that resources are used Judiciously In fulfilling the goals of the project.

Managing projects from start to finish can help control project costs and alp a project manager retain control over his budget, identifying problems or issues before they turn Into roadblocks. Effective project managers make determinations about appropriate staffing and team formation in the early stages of project planning. Disadvantage * Micromanagement, * Miscommunication Costs, and *Lack of Creativity Project managers who micromanagement, have the potential to confuse innovative thinking when their staff are focused on a preset outcome within strict parameters.

Which does not gives staff or the company no room to grow. It is Important to have clear communication, in order to keep miscommunication cost own. Another disadvantage restrictions and can discourage staff to think outside the box and use their creative efforts 4) What are the key characteristics all project possess? The Key Characteristics that all projects possess are: Time Scope Budget 5) Describe the basic elements of a project life cycle. Why is an understanding of life cycle relevant for our understanding of projects?

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Introduction to Project Management

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The Project Life Cycle refers too logical sequence of activities to accomplish the important because they demonstrate the logic the govern a project. 6) Think of a successful project and an unsuccessful project with which you are familiar. What distinguishes the two, both in terms of the process used to develop them and their outcomes? In order to achieve a successful project it is important to have a clear plan and fluid communication between the project manager and the staff members.

Project managers are responsible for all elements of the project outcomes, schedules, resources, and must continuously balance order to accomplish the project's objective within the time and budget guidelines. If you have bad communication flow the staff cannot work on a project effectively or efficiently. If the customer doesn't see an impact on their business or the company's future, then Leary it was an unsuccessful project or plan. 7) pass 8) pass 9) As organizations seeks to become better at managing projects, they often engage in benchmarking with other companies in other in similar industries.

Discuss the concept of benchmarking. What are its goals? How does bench marking work? Benchmarking is the process through which a company measures its products, services, and practices against its toughest competitors, or those companies recognized as leaders in its industry. The goal of benchmarking is to identify the weaknesses within an organization and improve upon them, with the idea of coming the "best of the best. " The point of benchmarking and how it works is to compare your process against that of the company setting the standard.

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