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Into the Wild

Novelist Jon Krakauer, in his novel, “Into the Wild,” examines Chris McCandless’s life from all perspectives.Krakauer’s purpose is to explore Chris in terms of his own reasoning.He adopts a serious tone in order to convey the characters actions to the readers.

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Krakauer begins his novel by observing the aspects of Chris’s adventure. He appeals to the negative emotions of the audience by explaining everything Chris did before he left on his journey. He adds that Chris “burned all the cash in his wallet,” in order to define the life Chris was living (Krakauer 1).

This sense of negative emotions from Krakauer conveys a striking tone that informs the readers that going into the wild means sacrificing what you have. The author, Jon Krakauer, then move forward and juxtaposes Chris McCandless and Leo Tolstoy. “Chris admired the novelist and was long captivated by his writing” (Krakauer 2). These were juxtaposed to bring two meanings together as one. Krakauer moves to the next part of his novel by clarifying Chris’s authority.

He appeals to authority when examining Chris’s conversation with Mr. Franz. “Look, Mr. Franz, you don’t need to worry about me” (Krakauer 51). This illustrates that McCandless was a very independent person. He wanted to do everything on his own. he was “living like this by choice” (51). Krakauer ends his book by discussing the positive effects of Chris McCandless’s personality. He appeals to the distinct emotions presented to the readers by acknowledging the encounters he had on the people he met.

The population he impacted “admired Chris for what he was trying to do” (Krakauer 203). Jon Krakauer develops a serious tone to convey the characters’ actions to the people who are reading the novel. Krakauer’s purpose was to explore Chris and to find out his reasoning for being out in the nature. Jon is not able to find a conclusion about Chris’s journey and why he sacrificed his life to be out in the nature because Chris is not alive. If Chris had not died, Krakauer would have his solution he had been looking for

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