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Interview with an international business person

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This is based on the interview conducted by me with an international business person.

1. Name: Alan Anderson Title: Mr. Company: Alan Resources International Telephone Number:

2. Mr Alan Anderson is the CEO of Alan Resources International, a Company into importation of cassava from Africa.

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3. In the course of the interview, Mr Alan made a remarkable statement about the essential qualities that someone in such a business as his should have.

He said that for a business man such as his to be a success, he must be assertive, also, you must be able to see opportunities and make decisions quick enough so that you will not too late and careful so that you will not rush into huge loss. He also, maintained that such a person must be highly informed and ready to learn new things. He or she must be open to changes because that is a surety.

4. After the interview, I told myself that I will be like Mr. Alan one day and I pray that day be soon. Why this? My decision for this is because I have always dreamt of being an international person, I have learnt long ago to look beyond my horizon.

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