Interpersonal Communication Test 2 Study Guide Kennesaw State

Verbal and Nonverbal messages interact with each other in how many ways?
What are the 6 principals governing nonverbal messages?
Nonverbal messages interact with verbal messages
Nonverbal messages help manage impressions
Nonverbal Messages help form relationships
Nonverbal Messages Structure Conversation
Nonverbal Messages Can Influence and Deceive
Nonverbal Messages are crucial for expressing emotion
What are the 6 ways nonverbal messages interact with verbal messages?
What are Tie Signs?
The nonverbal communication gestures that help form relationships, also used to confirm the level of the relationship. Ex: Holding hands to let others know your together
True/ False The proxemic distance of social relationships is between a close phase of 4ft to a far phase of 12ft.
What does Patti Wood when talking about nonverbal communication.
You feel it, then you show it, then you say it
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A suggestion for decoding a nonverbal message is to?
Be tentative
Your watch or ring is an example of?
An artificial communication message
True/False In the US direct eye contact is considered an expression of honesty and forgiveness.
What is the correct order of the steps of listening?
Receiving, understanding, remembering, evaluating, responding
At this stage you distinguish facts from inferences and indentify any biases the speaker has.
The ___________ is to state in your own words what you think the speaker means or fills.
True/False It is easy to tell where one listening stage ends and another begins.
Which of the following is not a technique of active listening?

using solution messages
asking questions
expressing understanding of speakers feelings

using solution messages
In listening for various levels of meaning, keep in mind?
to listen for both content and relational massages
According to Deborah Tannen in “You just don’t understand: men and women in conversation,” which statement is true about gender and listening behavior?
Men ask more argumentative questions or seek to puncture holes in other peoples position more than women do
Back channeling cues include?
Usi-hung responses such as “uh-huh” and “I see”
techniques such as band wagon, agenda setting and name calling are?
fallacies to note when listening critically
In _______ listening, you attempt to feel as the speaker does.
According to the _______ theory, an event occurs, you respond physiologically, you interpret, this arousal, and you identify the emotion you’re feeling.
cognitive labeling
The emotion wheel depicting both primary and blended emotion conveys?

a) the borad scale of emotions and their relationship to each other
b) the varied combinations of the emotions
c) milder emotions appear a lighter shade and stronger emotions appear a darker shade
d)all of the above

all of the above
What is the correct sequence in the emotional contagion process?
You see the emotions, you mimic the emotions, then you feel the emotions of other
True/False The most popular way to deal with anger is to count to 10.
In the anger management process known as SCREAM, the S stands for _________ and the E stands for __________
Self and Effect
True/False Your personality influences the emotions you feel, the extent to which you feel them, and the ways you express them.
Which of the following are display rules generally followed by women:

A) Women talk more about feelings than men
B) Women are more likely than men to express socially acceptable emotions
C) Women are less likely to express anger and aggression
D) All

According to the ______________ theory, an event occurs, you respon physiologically, you interpret this arousal and you identify the emotion you are feeling.
cognitive labeling
Daniel Goleman told us that a big tipoff to a need to improve your emotional intelligence is when?
You find yourself repeating the same interpersonal disasters over and over
True/False Leon Seltzer in his article “What your anger may be hiding” asserts that anger has a function in close interpersonal relationships of ensuring safety for a person by distracting the person from the relationship.
What is the correct sequencing of the 5 stages of conversation?
Opening, feed-forward, business, feedback, closing
True/False In initial encounters men tend to self disclose more intimately than women
People seeking advice have to make their own decisions so it is best to avoid the term?
True/False When Brandon said, ” I don’t have anything against the protesters, but…” he was using feed-forward to disclaim.
People who self disclose are?
Less vulnerable to illness and more likely to be victims of psychological abuse
Staying on topic with what is relevant to the conversation follows the maxim of?
Indicating agreement, indicating involvement, pacing the speaker, and asking for clarification are functions of?
Back channeling
_____________ is the skill of communicating genuine involvement, taking responsibility for your thoughts and feelings, and providing appropriate feedback
True/False Gossip is social talk that involves making evaluations about a person who isn’t present during the conversation; therefore, a large part of the conversation at work and in social situations is spent gossiping.
True/False The excuse “I didn’t do it” is an example of a worst excuse.
What is Kinesics?
The study of communication through body movement
What are the 5 types of body movements?
Emblems, Illustrators, Affect displays, regulators, and adaptors
What is the Duchenne Smile?
Its a positive, genuine, and unconscious movement that accurately reflects your feelings at the time. Occurs in 1/5 of a second
How quick does a fake smile occur?
1/10 of a second
What is the facial feedback hypothesis?
Says that your facial expressions influence your physiological arousal
What are rules about the appropriate display of emotions in public?
Cutural Display Rules
What is occulesis?
study of messages communicated through the eyes
What are the four elements of occulesis?
Eye contact, eye avoidance, pupil dilation, and culture & eye communication
What is tactile communication?
Communication by touch, also referred to as haptics
What are the 5 major meanings of touch?
Emotions, Playfulness, Control, Ritual, and Task-related
What is paralanguage?
It is the vocal but nonverbal dimension of speech.

Example. “COME here” versus “come HERE”

Paralanguage cues help us form what about about each other?
Impressions, identify emotional states, and make judgements of speakers credibility, intelligence, and objectivity
What is the intimate distance?
touching to 18 inches
What is the personal distance?
18 inches to 4 feet
What is the social distance?
4-12 ft
What is the public distance?
12 or more feet
What is the protection theory?
You maintain spatial distance to protect yourself
What is the equilibrium theory?
You regulate distance according to the intimacy level of your relationship
What is the expectancy violations theory?
Increasing or decreasing the expected distance between yourself and other can send important messages
What is your primary territory?
Areas you own
What is your secondary territory?
Areas that you occupy regularly
What is your public territory?
Areas open to everyone
What are olfactory messages?
Messages designed to attract others, to aid taste and memory, and to create images or recollections
What are the three main time orientations?
Past, present, and future
What is artifactual communication?
Messages conveyed by objects that are made by human hands. Ex: aesthetics, clothing, jewelry, and hairstyle
What is temporal communication?
Concerns the use of time; how you organize it, react to it, and communicate messages through it, also referred to as chronemics
What is the spiral of silence?
A theory that argues that you’re more likely to voice agreement than disagreement.
What is home field advantage?
When you are in your primary territory
What are central markers?
items you place in a territory to reserve it for you
What are boundary markers?
they divide territories from you and that of someone else
What are ear markers?
identifying marks that indicate your possession over something or a territory, Example : dog tag
What are disclaimers?
Assurances that what you say is not taken negatively or reflects negatively on you
What are the 2 types of responses?
Immediate and Delayed Feedback