Internet Explorer 8

This is a software program that allows you to view content that has been stored on the web.
a) web page
b) web site
c) web search
*d) web browser
To open Internet Explorer, click the Internet Explorer icon in this.
*a) taskbar
b) window
c) page
d) status bar
This is the name of the first web page that appears for a web site.
a) home site
b) home window
*c) home page
d) home icon
Dogpile is referred to as this type of search engine.
*a) metasearch
b) metafind
c) metalocate
d) metaengine
Hone your search technique by using these search options offered by a search engine.
*a) advanced
b) extended
c) alternate
d) dedicated
Displayng this pane displays a list of sites visited.
a) favorites
b) search
c) advanced search
*d) history
Don’t rely on this type of information.
a) outdated
b) inaccurate
c) of poor quality
*d) all of the above
If you can’t find author or date look for this link use . .
a) favorites
*b) contacts
c) advanced search
d) history
What is the shortcut to select the Instatn Search box?
a) ctrl + P
b) ctrl + F4
*c) ctrl + E
d) alt + D
Before using information or media files that have been downloaded from the Internet, you may need to …
a) contact the appropriate person for permission to use the content
b) check the source site for restrictions
c) credit the source of the content
*d) all of the above
What pane on the Internet Exployer Command bar keeps track of websites previously visited?
a) view by date pane
*b) history pane
c) view by “most visited” pane
d) last week pane
A web browser is a . . .
a) domain location
b) service provider
*c) software program
d) web address
The zoom button is located in the upper left corner of the Internet Explorer windo, just below the title bar.
a) True
*b) False
Reduce the number of search results by looking for these options at the search engines website.
*a) Advance Search
b) a search services
c) directory
d) domains
To download an image from website to a file on your computer, right-click the image and select this option at the shortcut menu.
*a) save picture as
b) condense file
c) save as
d) download image
What search engine dows Internet Explorer use as default?
a) Yahoo
b) Google
*c) Bing
d) Dogpile
The last part of a URL (to right of dot) specifies the. . .
a) version of HTML used to build the website
b) the type of operating system
c) name of company that owns the website
*d) domain to which the server belongs
A program used to access and display web pages is:
Web Browser
The address bar of the Internet Explorer window displays:
To save an image from a web page as a seperate file, begin by:
right-clicking the image
The Internet Explorer Icon used to launch the program features this image.
A lower case “e”
Copyright laws protect ______________ of the information on the Internet.
Which abbreviation refers to protocol or language used to transfer data within the World Wide Web (www)
The image, icon, or underlined text that can be clicked to display a web page is referred to asd a(n) . . .
The results returned by a search engine are often referred to as
All of the following are necessary before information can be published on the web, except . . .
permission from a web authorizstion group
The Internet Explorer default search engine can be found on the . . .
navigation bar
Internet Explorer tracks the web sites you visit in the history pane by . . .
click Tools
click Explorer Bars
click History
By dafault, the History pane organizes the visited sites by . . .
The home page
is the first page that appears in the site.
a hyperling IN a web site allow you to navigate deeper. Can appear as underlined text, a navigation bar, a button, images, or icons.
Hypertext Transfer Protocol.
is the protocol or language used to transfer data within the web.
in a URL seperate the protocol from the server name
The Internet
used to locate information, communicate with others, and buy or sell goods and services
Web Browser
a software program that allows you to view the images and text stored on a web site on the internet.
Internet Explorer
is a web browser
2 methods for searching for information is to . . .
click in the Instant Serach box, and
go to home page “search engine” box
To add to favorites
go to favorites bar and fine the yellow star with a green right-pointing arrow located next to the Favorites button.
If the favorites bar is not visible. . .
right-click in an unused section between the browsing tabs and the Command Bar and click Favorites Bar to turn the toolbar on

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