Internet and Electronic Commerce

-a large network that connects together smaller networks all over the globe
-made it possible to include these elements (text, graphics, animations, sound, and video).
-It provides a multimedia interface to resources available on the Internet.
Web 1.0
focused on linking existing information
Web 2.0
evolved to support more dynamic content creation and social interaction
Web 3.0
focuses on computer-generated information requiring less human interaction to locate and to integrate information.
What are the 5 most common uses of the internet/web
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get connected, or to gain access to the internet
The first step to using the Internet and the web is to ______
Internet service provider
The most common way to access the Internet is through an _____.
-They provide a path or connection for individuals to access the Internet
telephone lines, cable, and/or wireless connections
The most widely used commercial Internet service providers use _______
-are programs that provide access to web resources. -This software connects you to remote computers; opens and transfers files; displays text, images, and multimedia; and provides in one tool an uncomplicated interface to the Internet and web documents
-they allow you to explore, or to surf, the
web by easily moving from one website to another
location, address
For browsers to connect to resources, the _____ or
_____ of the resources must be specified.
1. protocol
2. domain name
What are the 2 basic parts of the Uniform Resource Locators (URLs).
are rules for exchanging data between computers.
domain name
indicates the specific address where the resource is located.
top-level domain (web suffix)
-last part of the domain name
-it typically identifies the type of organization.
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
a markup language for displaying web pages.
references, hyperlinks
Web pages present information about the site along with ______ and ______ or links that connect to other documents containing related information—text files, graphic images, audio, and video clips
-Cascading style sheets (CSS)
what are the 4 various technologies used to provide highly interactive and animated websites?
cascading style sheets
are separate files referenced by or lines inserted into an HTML document that control the appearance of a web page, including layout, colors, and fonts
is a language often used within HTML documents to trigger interactive features, such as opening new browser windows and checking information entered in online forms.
an advanced use of JavaScript, is used to create interactive websites that respond quickly.
are programs that can be downloaded quickly and run by most browsers. They are used to present animation, display graphics, provide interactive games, and much more.
mobile browsers
-are designed to run on these portable devices
-is displayed on a very small screen and special navigational tools are required to conveniently view web content
Email/electronic mail
-is the transmission of electronic messages over the Internet.
-There are two basic types: client-based and web-based.
client-based email
require a special program known as an e-mail client to be installed on your computer.
web-based email
do not require an e-mail program to be installed on your computer
A typical e-mail message has what three basic elements?
appears first and typically includes the following
information:address, subject, attachment
E-mail messages typically display the addresses of the person or persons to whom the e-mail is sent
A one-line description, used to present the topic of the message
files such as documents and images
unwanted and unsolicited e-mails
destructive programs are often attached to unsolicited
spam blockers
A more effective approach to controlling spam has been the development and use of _______
text messaging
is the process of sending a short electronic message, typically less than 160 characters, using a wireless network to another person who views the message on a mobile device such as a smartphone
instant messaging
allows two or more people to contact each other via
direct, live communication.
social networking
-focus on connecting people and organizations that share a common interest or activity. These sites typically provide a wide array of tools that facilitate meeting, communicating, and sharing.
-Three of the best known are Facebook, Google 1 ,
and LinkedIn
blogs, web logs
Many individuals create personal websites, called ___ or ____ , to keep in touch with friends and family.
publishes short sentences that only take a few seconds to write, rather than long stories or posts like a traditional blog.
search services
operate websites that can help you locate the information you need
continually look for new information and update the search services’ databases.
search engines
are specialized programs that assist you in locating information on the web and the Internet.
specialized search engines
Focus on subject-specific websites. These can potentially save you time by narrowing your search
To evaluate the accuracy of information you find on the web, what 4 things must you consider?
Is the author an expert in the subject area? Is the site an official site for the information presented, or is the site an individual’s personal website?
Has the information been critically reviewed for correctness prior to posting on the web? Does the website provide a method to report inaccurate information to the author?
Is the information factually reported or does the author have a bias? Does the author appear to have a personal agenda aimed at convincing or changing the reader’s opinion?
Is the information up to date? Does the site specify the date when the site was updated? Are the site’s links operational? If not, the site is most likely not being actively maintained.
Electronic Commerce
is the buying and selling of goods over the Internet.
advantages of electronic commerce
-goods and services can be purchased at any time of day or night from any location that has an Internet connection
-the costs associated with owning and operating a retail outlet can be eliminated.
-reduced inventory.
-there is no in-store inventory and products are
shipped directly from warehouses.
disadvantages of electronic commerce
-the inability to provide immediate delivery of goods
-the inability to “try on” prospective purchases
-questions relating to the security of online payments.
1. business-to-consumer
2. consumer-to-consumer
3. business-to-business
what are the 3 types of electronic commerce?
this commerce involves the sale of a product or
service to the general public or end users.
this commerce involves individuals selling to individuals
this commerce involves the sale of a product or service
from one business to another.
1.developing fast, secure, and reliable payment methods for purchased goods
2.providing convenient ways to submit required information such as mailing addresses and credit card information.
the 2 greatest challenges for e-commerce are?
cloud computing
uses the Internet and the web to shift many of these computer activities from the user’s computer to other computers on the Internet.
EX: Google, IBM, Intel, and Microsoft
web utilities
are specialized utility programs that make using the Internet and the web easier and safer.
are programs that are automatically started and operate as a part of your browser
EX: Acrobat Reader from Adobe, Flash Player from Adobe, QuickTime from Apple, Windows Media Player from Microsoft, RealPlayer from RealNetworks
block access to selected sites
Using file transfer utility software, you can copy files to your computer from specially configured servers.
You also can use file transfer utility software to copy files from your computer to another computer on the
-web based
Three popular types of file transfer:
File transfer protocol (FTP) and secure file
transfer protocol (SFTP)
allow you to efficiently copy files to and from your computer across the Internet, and are frequently used for uploading changes to a website hosted by an Internet
service provider.
Web-based file transfer services
make use of a web browser to upload and download files.
distributes file transfers across many different computers for more efficient downloads, unlike other transfer technologies where a file is copied from one computer on the Internet to another.
Internet security suite
is a collection of utility programs designed to maintain
your security and privacy while you are on the web.
develop and maintain websites and resources.