Interior Design

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Art is all around us whether we see it hung up in an art gallery or have it in the space of our own homes. I’ve always been creative and just loved everything that had to do with design. Although as a young girl I never knew what I really wanted to do until about a year ago, I found my passion and knew at that instant what I wanted to do in life.

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Rearranging my room was always something I enjoyed doing I never realized it was going to be my passion in life until about a year ago when I planned with my husband how to locate and build the interior decoration in our house. I helped decide every step of the way from where it was going to be all the way to the design of the house to choosing colors and furniture. I enjoyed doing this every step of the way. Helping in designing the house wasn’t a chore nor a job it was life for me. It was something I enjoyed doing everyday and looked forward to.

I know that The Lebanese University, Faculty of Fine Arts can give me the tools I need to excel in the career of Interior Design. With the hands on education and professional teachings I know it will give me what I need to do great as an Interior Designer. It will give me everything I need to be successful and start my own business in interior design. The Lebanese University, Faculty of Fine Arts is where I want to be.