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Innovation Report for Bajaj

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1. A critical review of its overall business strategy. (15%) Introduction of the company The group was founded in 1926, from the height of the British independent movement in India has a glorious history. Bajaj Group is one of the top 10 commercial establishments in India. Its footprint across a wide range of industry sectors, including automobiles (two-wheelers and three-wheelers). The Group's flagship company, Bajaj Auto, is listed as the world's fourth largest two-and three-wheeled motorcycle manufacturer Bajaj brand is well-known in several countries of Latin America, Africa, Middle East, South Asia and Southeast Asia. ttp://www. bajajauto. com/bajaj_corporate. asp * Company profile, (vision ,mission, brief history) Vision and Mission Statement Bajaj line of, vision and mission statement they defined its brand essence and brand value. The corporate brand is the visual expression of their own thoughts and actions convey their intent to continue to inspire confidence. The essence of their brand, the brand is the soul of the enterprise. They are doing their own brand value, its value learning, innovation, perfection, speed and transparency. Value

Learning Learning is to how Bajaj ensure positive. This is a value; it contains a knowledge platform for building a moderately prosperous notice, reasonable and decisive action. Innovation Innovation is how Bajaj creating the future. This is a value, triggering significant beyond the pursuit of more than ordinary. Perfect Perfection Perfect is how Bajaj Jishu Li new standard. This is a value to show our determination, Excel, and efforts to establish a new benchmark, all the time. Speed Speed ?? how Bajaj convey the clear conviction.

This is a value; significant response reflects our commitment to our goals and process. Transparency Transparency is how Bajaj characteristics. It is a value worth through the credibility of integrity, trust sensitivity and loyalty through interdependence. http://corporatemissions. blogspot. sg/2007/10/bajaj-auto. html A Brief History - Integrity, dedication, resourcefulness and determination to succeed, today is the characteristics of the group, often be traced back to its birth in those days the tireless dedication to a common cause.

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Jamnalal Bajaj, founder of the Group, is a close friend and disciple of Mahatma Gandhi. In fact, Gandhi had by him and his son. This close relationship, deeply involved in his independence movement did not leave Jamnalal Bajaj too much time is spent in his new commercial enterprise. In 1942, his son, Kamalnayan Bajaj, then 27, took over the business rule. He is too close to Gandhi's independence in 1947, his business is able to give his full attention. Kamalnayan Bajaj not only consolidated the Group, but also extended to a variety of production activities.

The Rahul Erbaguji, Chairman of the Group, is responsible for the business in 1965. Under his leadership, the turnover of the Bajaj Auto's flagship company from INR. 72 million INR. 120 billion, its expanding product portfolio and brand to find a global market. He is one of India's most distinguished business leaders, his business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit to be respected and internationally. * Company current business situation of the company. as per the above chart company financial position is mush stable and in a strong shoes of profitability. ompany is growing and developing back to back year by year. that's the reason behind it; it started recognizing as India's top two wheeler company and even company started globalizing very fast, it started creating footprints all over the world. before these last three years company face few number of looses that's the reason because of international crises. one of the another reason for these good business is its most challenging innovative products and its products demand in the market, today customers wait for the innovative product of the company. Current product/technology/process/patent that the company is having. Product- Currently Bajaj auto deals in both two wheelers and three wheelers vehicles. Technology Take a long time, use DTSI technology; Bajaj introduced the three Terry Poole SPRAK plug technology spark plug in the part-load conditions for better fuel efficiency, provide unprecedented performance and efficiency - and best combustion, and to ensure low emissions. Process Technology, this new status symbol Change a new, vibrant Bajaj Auto Is in close contact with customers, and believe in Speed ?? nd innovation, to create excitement Through its products, focus on transparency. It is an identity, is to inspire confidence. It represents a new India Company. Patent Patent is in the two-wheeler sector product quality, technology up-gradation, customer service, changing environment http://www. universityessays. com/example-essays/english-language/the-bajaj-auto. php http://www. universityessays. com/example-essays/english-language/the-bajaj-auto. php#ixzz2Dn3XEfa3 * Current industry (what is happening that can affect the business.

Bajaj Auto introduced a new graphics engine as promised Bajaj India has launched the new 2012 models pulsars in January 2012. It was named "pulsar 200ns of. It is cooled by the liquid 200cc engine of 23. 17 horsepower at 8000 rpm at 9500rpm for a maximum torque of 18. 3 nm. However, it is expected that Bajaj pulsar line to rise. The face-lift is very necessary, because the pulsar was launched nearly a decade ago. Anyway, 200ns pulsar is a new product; new exhaust layout is now below 200 Duke Engine. The pulsar 200ns new styling and technology.

It has a new design alloy wheels, instrument panel, fuel tank and the side of the spoon. http://autos. maxabout. com/bikes/bajaj/pulsar-2008/pulsar-200 2. Why is it necessary for them to employ innovation into the company (20%) (Application of theory from your lectures is required. ) Your analysis on innovation will focus on any of the following within the MNC(select min 2 theories) You are expected to link /incorporate theories into the focus areas that you write. You are required to identify what is the issue that drives them to innovation.

Thus you need to write on drivers to innovation. * Materials technology DTSI technology DTS-Fi wireless network connection and DTS-SI engine technology mother is very fuel-efficient. Engine technology also helps to reduce emissions and keep the environment clean and green. Technical innovations include new products and processes, product and process technology changes. If it has been on the market an innovation (product innovation) has been implemented. For example: - Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS bike next technological innovation known as pulsars, it is found these days in Mumbai.

Reveal of technology innovation Bajaj car in the pulsar 2001 season and release pulsar in the last edition of the 2009 season. The organization also proposed that all release occurred in the pulsar motorcycle. The pulsar 200 NS is a 4-valve pressure stage of technological innovation curiosity multiple technical innovation, providing better gas range and efficiency of the results. NS bare game. DTSI technology- Patented technologies pulsar follow road, the R & D lab bike competition.

In the Automotive industry, driven technology innovation in different parts of the vehicle, and this trend will continue to be observed in all the major areas such as chassis, powertrain, electronics and security, among others. Such technical developments will occur not just in these areas, the arrival of new modular assembly techniques will transform the court systems and methods together. http://www. anticiv. info/tag/technological-innovation/ http://stats. oecd. org/glossary/detail. asp? ID=2688 http://www. efytimes. com/e1/fullnews. asp? edid=16466 * Factory process control

Process innovation is the implementation of a new or significantly improved production or delivery method (including significant changes in technology, equipment and / or software) small changes or improvements to increase the capacity of production or service through increased production or logistics systemis very similar to those already in use, stop using it not be seen as a process, simple capital replacement or extension, change purely from changes in the prices of the factors of production, customization, regular seasonal and cyclical nature of the change, the new trading or significantly improved product innovation. http://www. innoviscop. com/en/definitions/process-innovation For example: - Bajaj Auto "Total Productive Maintenance" as a means to create a safe and participative work environment, the goal is to eliminate the loss of all employees, to continue to enhance the capacity, flexibility, reliability and ability to process, resulting higher staff morale to improve the profitability of the organization. The re-design of the processes, manufacturing approach was changed towards Lean Manufacturing (in lines of Toyota Production System). Moving Towards lean production Changes in the results and focus - * Retain professional and critical process of internal and outsource the rest. * Multi-model assembly line and off-line settings. * Flexible machining centers - quick-change modules and tools. * One-way flow of plant layout. Lean production plants in the chakan plant * Process quality assurance (testing). * Quality Assurance SPC error proofing. * Rationalization of suppliers - to consolidate in the first-tier suppliers. * Direct line supply on the basis of pull systems (kanban). * Non-store materials and products promising. Multi-skilled labor, self-monitoring and self-certification. TPM (Total Productivity Management), a Japanese methodology a SPC (Statistical process Control), manufacturing operation. http://www. scribd. com/doc/22572622/Bajaj-Auto * MarketingDesign A closer look shows that about 40% of the R & D expenditures original equipment manufacturers and suppliers of all investments into innovation, never let the bike or never produced in sufficient quantities, due to the lack of market acceptance. Remaining 60% to 20% of necessary serial development.

Another 20% is to fulfill the law of innovation, but does not add to the unique nature of the product. Under normal circumstances, these innovations do not pay off. This makes 20% of the profitable innovation investment, leaving only a small. More and more technology intense fighting in the sweet spot. Moment only about 10% of the development of automotive technology has the potential to become a blockbuster innovation. These technologies combine the two most relevant categories: the first category, the market potential is huge, including the purpose of the function, customer recognition, compliance and price level.

Other classes, the high degree of innovation, the establishment of the technical differences in the market, better protection of intellectual property rights, high profits and long-term harvest. http://www. oliverwyman. com/pdf_files/CarInnovation2015_engl. pdf http://www. oliverwyman. com/pdf_files/CarInnovation2015_engl. pdf 3. What are the challenges when deployment of this innovation? (20%) Define the type of innovation use and how have they been deployed. Product innovation and challenges Write on the challenges encountered by the company when they introduced innovation. How are they overcome.

What is the success todate? Compare with the previous before innovation. Support with evidence. Occupy wheeler market in India three years later, at the end of 1999, BAL consumer preferences change from the four-stroke motorcycles, motorcycle engines and forecast that this trend will continue in a higher scale. Motorcycle Sales in 2001 decreased by 41%, which is a real threat to the existence of BAL. A new set of emission standards (equivalent to Euro II emission standards) into force in 2000 two-stroke gasoline engine. Therefore, the scooters out of favor with the two-stroke engine.

Applying the modified model proposed above, Bajaj Auto was losing market share due to change in consumer preferences, development of new market segments, and the availability of better products and scooters manufactured by their competitors. In the first step, the President of company Rahul Bajaj which is a change agent also identified the need for change suggested by Kurt Lewin, the current situation of making AIR hired conscious problems, a performance gap and the need for change. At the same time, he was commissioned and provided new leadership roles to the younger generation such as Rajiv Bajaj (Managing Director).

In an attempt to regain market share, the company increased its production by 67. 6% in 2001 as a production motorcycle GEARED scooters fell by 44%. By 2001, the company was making as many as motorcycle gear Couple of Challenges Bajaj auto faces in between the ongoing process of innovation like lake of finance, public demand etc. The biggest challenge Bajaj auto faces is to introduce new face product in the market for which Bajaj auto is not recognized in the market, problem was hesitating will customer like the innovation or not.

The second thing making barriers in doing innovation is searching for knowledge employees. Bajaj find very difficult in searching for well skilled labor and even in molding the resident employees in the changing and innovating procedure in introducing new product. Because the stage was very crucialfor company when they started applying innovation even competitors was very aggregative in doing the same so company was left with no other option then creating successful innovation. Played an important role in the success of this phase of the leadership qualities change agent change.

Change agent in the chair, the current market environment analysis and to identify the importance of change, in order to maintain market share and bring success on the road to pull Hu Erbaguji, who is our mission. He figured out in different areas, such as the implementation of paragraph cruise segment, the high-end market, the best, etc. He also introduced into the company of young people, to give them more power to create customer surveys and general production requirements the idea is very important in a highly competitive market.

Time and again, the 500 R and huge after the siege. Bajaj Auto Limited's portfolio, this change, these changes in a very short time after launched a new version of the motorcycle in every aspect, as part of the implementation of the "Boxer" and "character", "the destroyer cruise segment 'push', 'the Avengers' and' found in the high-end market, the motorcycle industry in India, which is a huge success. This shift public by Bajaj scooter motorcycle thinking stereotype, especially the new generation, who are looking for more performance and stylish bike caused a huge impact.

The turning point in this process of change is the introduction of the product, 'Knock' and 'DTSI technology, to help them capture their names under the two-wheeler market, and victory over their rivals Hero Honda. ' In June 2006, the company announced its plans to increase the production capacity from 3. 5 million units in 2009 to 5. 1 million units a year, of which two-wheelers is 4. 6 million units of capacity. According to their plan, they recently launched 220cc variant of its popular pulsar motorcycle. 004 Bajaj Auto to change their old identity and create a new logo and brand line, in order to update its new brand identity. This proved something of a visual help to clarify the organization needs to move in the direction (Cote, 2007). These visions and their achievements, the stability of the organization in a new state of equilibrium. http://www. ukessays. com/essays/india/bajaj-auto-limited. php 4. Evaluate Business Success (40%) Compare the before implementation ( market share/position/revenue/process/structure/strategies... etc) to today’s outcome.

Contrast them in terms of your writing ( theories you apply). Product innovation DTSi technology DTS-I A patented technology, achieved the pulsar follow road, the R & D lab bike competition. In the heart of each pulsar is one of the country's most advanced engine technology. DTS-i system. A technological marvel to ensure the highest performance, lowest consumption and emission levels possible. We will be happy to let a Pulsar maniac like you to know this breakthrough technology behind the secret of the pulsar. DTS-i engine Dual-spark ignition Normal ignition system has a single spark plug.

Spark-generated flame front will take some time to reach the entire combustion chamber. Therefore, the combustion of the air - fuel mixture is slow and incomplete. The case of two spark plugs, both spark plugs fire simultaneously. This simultaneous firing and eddy current, in the complete combustion of the air - fuel mixture results. This action is the DTS-i digital control system (dual spark plug Smart CDI, TRICS III) Interests -Complete combustion of the air - fuel mixture without sacrificing mileage output case, gives the maximum power. To ensure that the emissions of environmentally friendly

DTS-i engine TRICS III Power and torque requirements constantly change, depending on the rider cruising, acceleration or high speed / maximum speed. The throttle response ignition control system - III is an intelligent system that can quickly adapt to the ignition time, in order to adapt to different riding characteristics. Interests: TRICS III will help to achieve a good balance between the low-to mid-range torque and top-end power. This helps to easily ride in different conditions, such as flyovers, hilly terrain, dense traffic and highway cruising The TRICS III patent Bajaj Motors Limited

DTS-i engine Intelligent C. D. I. Intelligent capacitor discharge ignition contains a microprocessor, which continuously sensing a different speed and the engine load, and by changing the ignition timing in response. The memory of the microprocessor together work with TRICSIII system, provide optimum ignition timing for any given engine speed, thereby obtaining the best combustion performance. Interests: Improve fuel efficiency and reduce engine noise and vibration, smoother power delivery. Bajaj Auto's patent Smart CDI DTS-i engine EXHAUSTEC

Exhaust is a device that is registered in the exhaust system. TEC representative of torque expansion chamber. It is fitted into a tuning box (resonators) of the exhaust manifold The low speed area, ExhaustTEC helps to create a negative pressure pulse (vacuum) of the exhaust valve to suck the air - fuel mixture into the more the intake valve opening the cylinder. Interests: ExhaustTEC produce high torque. Does not require frequent shifting of flow, as the vehicle, even in the lower speed higher gear pull capability. ExhaustTEC patented by Bajaj Auto Ltd. 4 VALVES

The combustion chamber has 1/3 of the area covered by the valve head of a typical 2-valve engine, but an increase of more than 50% 4-valve head region. Also improved due to the flow passage area of the intake port and an exhaust valve port / channel. This is conducive to the induction of more the amount of charge (air - fuel mixture), and all the combustion gas of the combustion chamber is evacuated to ensure faster, cleaner and more efficient combustion. This engine has two intake and 2 1, 2-valve engine into a gas and the exhaust valve of the exhaust valve.

These valves are small compared to the 2-valve engine, light weight. 4 valves (two intake and two exhaust valves), to improve the breathing method - the engine's intake and exhaust process… PULSAR CLASSIC 2000 - 2001 October 2001 The nineties witnessed 'and' generation was born. Work hard and party hard, Western and Indian values??. The calm young Indians, masculine, stylish, well-deserved different. But they get a 100cc commuter bike. Changedforever in 2001. The first generation of pulsar is a huge success. It is not only the introduction of a new motorcycle, but also to create a new dimension - performance.

When the family to discuss mileage, pulsar riders start talking about torque, rebound power - weight ratio. With pulsars, the bike no longer just a means of transport, rather than the person with the machine between the relationships began to be forged. Pulsar launch two variants, 150 ml and 180 ml, is indeed the man” PULSAR UG1 2002 - 2003 October 2003 Since the time of its launch pulsar ruled the heart of this country has been the rule of the road, and its first upgrade. Sold more than three times higher than competitive cycling, the pulsar is a rapidly bad boy on the block.

Revolutionary DTS-i technology, introduced in the the excessive competition pulsar bike, it still has a clear competitive advantage. DTS-I's advertising campaign, along with the launch of this generation pulsar also redefined the Indian motorcycle ad - This is the first bike ads show one wheel off the ground bike - irreverent image pulsar was born. Increase power to 16 and 13 PS 180 and 150, respectively. PULSAR UG2 2004 - 2005 November 2004 Each pulsar upgrade two aspects - styling and technology. Significant change at the same time, each time re-defined section.

The game continuously toes try to keep at least just to keep behind the pulsar pulsarpulsar madman ahead. The UG2 many technology upgrades, launched during this period until the date of the pulsar, and a standard in the industry - 17 "alloy wheels, allowing greater suspension travel, nitrogen oxide suspension and the legendary ExhausTEC. In shape on the wider rear tire, tire environmentalists and all black cast Pulsar180. Improve the power of the 180 and 150, respectively, in 16. 5 and 13. 5 PS... PULSAR UG3 2006 October 2006 Pulsar road in 2006, crossed the one million mark, many pulsar madman.

Pulsar is no longer just a bike, which is a youth brand, and market leader in the field of sports, with a 50% market share, and that is to keep to the date. Our leadership, through hard work and toil Bajaj Auto Team - UG3 number of the largest total upgrade, ushered in the digital age. This is the first time, digital odometer, backlight switch, self-cancel indicators, and LED taillights introduced. Multiple sensors and digital mixer bike rider's overall performance, a lot of information, and promote additional power, to pulsars thrown confidence. The increased power of 14 PS 150 PULSAR200 DTS-I PULSAR220 DTS-FI 2007 - 2008

February 2007 India's first bike to break 200 ml obstacles on the road - Pulsar 200 and 220. Change and Pulsar bike in India once again lead this revolution. Although 200CC is equipped with a carburettor, 220cc fuel injected! These babies might throw downs power of 18 and 20 ps, ?? and blatantly oil cooler. 220 also have front and rear disc brake. PULSAR UG4 2009 May 2009 On Road 2,000,000 pulsar delivered in three years, more than 3 million of the total number of pulsars India. This time to the sports field is also extended to the more than 15 brands from all the major manufacturers, such as Honda, Yamaha, Hero Honda, TVS.

The segment accounted for about 17% of the total motorcycle sales, pulsar, its 50% market share, it still maintained a half contribution. 150 the clip-handle and 15Ps of power in February 2010. January 2010 Looking for the legendary 200 customers and the general public needs Pulsar220 also launched a deep-rooted in the minds of a Street Fighter avatar. The fastest growing segment in the motorcycle industry, 50% of the market share, more than 4 million of the pulsar is sold. Exports to over 30 countries, the pulsar is by far the biggest brands in the Indian motorcycle and eyes hegemony in the world soon. ttp://mypulsar. com/technology. aspx http://mypulsar. com/history. aspx Process Innovation Model in the late 1990s, the early 2000s - will lean production * economic situation, development through liberalization * Fierce competition. * Improve the customer's wishes - More models and upgrades. Third level * 110% of the to do the project in the late 1990s, Bajaj Auto Lean Manufacturing at Chakan Plant * Re-design process, manufacturing methods, and change to * lean production (Toyota Production System) line. * TPM (Total Productive Management), Japan's methods and SPC (statistical process control) manufacturing operations. Moving towards Lean Manufacturing * The result of the change and focus - * Retention of professional and critical process of internal and outsource the rest. * Set more model assembly line and off line. * Flexible machining centres - quick-change modules and tools. * The plant layout * The single one-way flow. Lean Manufacturing at Chakan Plant * The process of quality assurance (testing). * By SPC error proofing quality assurance. * Rationalization of suppliers - to consolidate in a supplier. * Directly online supply based on pull systems (kanban). Of shops promising material and products. * Multi-skilledlabor force, self-monitoring and self-certification. Towards lean manufacturing - a huge change * This is a huge change. * Bajaj car driving through the railway's new factory. * (About 20 km away from Pune plant) * A small number of major suppliers of railway factory. * Improve our near these plants, which gives a good advantage. Lean Manufacturing at Chakan Plant * The project 110% was supported by Project 110% IT. * Bajaj Auto implemented SAP ERP. * Towards lean manufacturing - IT support * supply chain processes MRP planning schedule * Schedule SAP portal vendors visibility. * that is based on daily necessities supply lines consumption. * The introduction of the E-Kanban. " * supplies sequencing the paint shop, assembly line production schedule synchronization. * JIT supply (our request) the major suppliers - * Components and sub-assemblies in accordance with JIT requirements * Supply, in 2-4 hours’ time interval. Towards Lean Manufacturing - Electronic Kanban * material supply and service revenue * Create on the the electronic billboards line the consumption in the system. Suppliers establish open E-Kanban quantity invoice. * verify invoice after upload to our SAP system * The use of Internet-based EDI. * Unique ASN (advanced shipping notice), each power supply. * EDI numbers is what we call * Then printed on the invoice number of bar code EDI. * Forwarded by scanning EDI No. materials in plants * The creation of genetic resources without the need for manual data entry. Towards lean manufacturing - * Hair this lean supply process results. * productivity per employee - Vehicles - increase10 ten * Component inventory - reducing the stock of the week and a half shift. finished goods inventory - to reduce the stock of one to three days * Quality improvements - Improved 20000 PPM <2000 PPM. * Truck turnaround time - reduced four hours to half an hour. * The thethe Material United Nations load rate / - class size increased to 150-350 load. * Improved the accuracy of the invoice data - faster payment processing. * deployment portal vendors - * Evaluation of the quality of power supply and PPM data visibility. * Invoice wise refused payment. * supplier of quality tracking supplier responsibility 5. Conclusion / Reflection (5%)

Conclusion – should innovation be only once? Write and reflect your opinion. Studies have confirmed that all businesses are more innovative. The survey found that nearly 90% of companies believe that innovation is their priority. Concluded that the increasing importance of innovation, and increased significantly. In today's economic circumstances, innovation has become an important factor in the impact of strategic planning. It has been recognized, innovation and the creation of wealth. , Even if efficiency is crucial to the success of the enterprise, in the long run, it cannot sustain business growth.

Today, more than ever, we need to innovate. Every organization and business is feeling the impact of globalization, migration, technological and knowledge revolutions, and climate change issuesInnovation will bring added value and to expand the employment base. Innovation is necessary in these difficult circumstances, improved quality of life. Innovation will make the world a better younger generation. http://www. paggu. com/getting-into-roots/what-is-innovation-why-innovation-is-important/ Proper citation is required. Assignment in report format. Words = 4,000.

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