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Informative Speech Rough Draft Outline Introduction

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Informative Speech Rough Draft Outline Introduction:Do you find yourself not having as much energy during the week as you used to when you were in high school? Do you find that you get irritable more often? General Purpose:I am here to inform you about Chemical Warfare. Preview Statement: First we will talk about what is Chemical Warfare. Then we will explorehow Chemical Warfare works, and finally we will discuss the advantagesand disadvantages of Chemical Warfare. I. What is Chemical Warfare? A. To begin what is the definition of Chemical Warfare. 1. Chemical Warfare definition (1) 2. Munitions and agents B.

Next, what are some types of Chemicals used in Chemical Warfare. 1. Nerve Agents (2) a. Attacks the nervous system b. Symptoms 2. Vesicant/Blister (2) Transition:We have finished talking about, what is Chemical Warfare. We will be moving on to how Chemical Warfare works. II. How Chemical Warfare works. A. First, how Chemical Warfare weapons are depolyed. 1. Dispersion Technique (2) 2. Thermal dissemination (2) B. Next, how Chemical Warfare is deemed effective. 1. Shortage of supplies 2. Inaccesblie areas Transition: This concludes how Chemical Warfare works; now let’s finish with the advantages and disadvantages of Chemical Warfare.

III. Advantages and disadvantages of Chemical Warfare A. First, let’s talk about the advantages of Chemical Warfare 1. Cost of using Chemical Warfare (3) 2. Hard to defend against (2) B. Finally, let’s talk about the disadvantages of Chemical Warfare 1. Casualties (3) 2. Unreliable accuracy (2) a. urban environments b. controlled sections Conclusion:I will signal the end of my speech with a post summary. I will regain the attention of the audience by using the full-circle method. I will clinch by making the end sound like the end.

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Informative Speech Rough Draft Outline Introduction

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