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Informative Speech Outline

Every year we are given 365 days, 8,765 hours, 526,000 minutes, or 31. 6 million seconds. How we spend this time is entirely different, but that’s what makes us unique from everyone else.

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As a college student, managing your time is everything. From choosing how long to study to what people you hang out with the most affects your college years tremendously. Subject Sentence: Depending on how you spend your time can make you fail or succeed. Connective: To begin with, Body I) Have set clear goals Personal Goals A. 1.

Definable goal that helps better yourself 2. Must have balance B. Career or Academic Goals 1. Must be realistic 2. Have a set deadline 3. Create a calendar 4. Be driven Connective: Next, II) Time Efficiency A. Plan your day out 1. Decide how to allot your time 2. Include both work and personal obligations 3. Use a planner 4. Make a to-do list 5. Pretzel tasks B. Make sacrifices 1. Decide what tasks are mandatory vs.. What tasks can be put off 2. Understand and accept that there is only 24 hours in each day and that not everything can always be done C.

Avoid Procrastination 1 . Start as soon as possible not as late as possible 2. Say no more often 3. Turn off your cell phone and other electronics 4. Know and be able to recognize the difference between “l don’t want to” and ” have time”. 5. Have allotted alone time 6. Be responsible for yourself Connective: In comparison, these are the dangers of not managing time well, Ill) Dangers of not managing time well A. Falling behind in classes 1 . Bad grades 2. Rushed assignments 3. Unpreserved for class 4. Failing out of school or getting fired from a Job B. Causes Stress 1.

Miss out on other opportunities 2. Strained relationships 3. Mentally unhealthy a. Strained relationships b. Isolation from others . Depression d. Memory problems e. Constant worrying 4. Physically unhealthy a. Disrupted sleep b. Isolation c. Headaches d. Weight loss or gain Connective: In conclusion, Conclusion I don’t Everyone deals with time management every day but not everyone manages his or best for you and use them. The ability to get that 4. 0 or promotion might Just be a matter of managing your time in a better manner. Time is the only thing we really can’t afford to lose.