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Information Systems and Software Applications in the Workplace

Information Systems and Software Applications in the Workplace Eduardo Cruz Business Information Systems/BIS 219 November 30, 2010 Syed Ameen Information Systems and Software Applications in the Workplace Companies from all over the world have benefited from technological improvements within information systems and software applications.Most major companies use systems and software that help support their work flow, communication, accountability and almost every aspect of the work place.Although there a many departments that utilize many different types of information systems and software applications, we will only review a few.The systems and applications we will discuss and that are used by management, finance and the main work force are viewed below.

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Microsoft Outlook Microsoft outlook has become one of the most popular software programs used by companies today. Outlook has many types of functions including e-mail which is one of the main functions.

Outlook e-mail has taken the place of paper within the work force.It has simplified transmitting documents with a few strokes of the keyboard, saving time, energy and money. FSTSMCS FSTSMCS stands for Full Time Support Management Control System. This information system is used throughout the Army National Guard for tracking leave days (vacation days), maternity leave and emergency leave. This electronic system was created to help Human Resources Office(HRO) keep track of a soldiers location while on leave and also track how many leave days they have accrued, used or lost.The system has also helped to cut back on paper, filing, energy and money. Portable Document Format (PDF).

This is another software program that is used all over the world. This software has a common format that makes it easy for management or anyone in the work place to import and export files via e-mail and the internet. PDF is used to synchronize documents, which enables personnel and companies to open any type of document that come in this format. It helps make the transaction of any type of document easy.This software, as the two above, has made companies run with ease and control, saving money, energy and time. Information systems and software applications such as Outlook, FSTSMCS, and PDF have become the future of a company’s time management, productivity and control in virtually every component of any enterprise. Technology continues to update itself and we should not be surprised to see new and updated programs that continue to be a benefit to a company’s success and direction.

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