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Information Seeking Behaviour of Primary School Teachers in Nigeria

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TOPIC: THE INFORMATION NEEDS, SOURCES AND SEEKING BEHAVIOUR OF TEACHERS IN NIGERIA PRIMARY SCHOOLS IN IBADAN. PROBLEM STATEMENT: Every human needs information to solve a given problem and make decisions. There have been studies that have been focusing on the behavioural patterns of information seeking of humans, organisations and systems, but majority of these studies have been mainly on the information seeking behaviour of higher education stakeholders, industrial, economic and social societies.

Studies have not been carried out on the educational grassroots (primary education). This study would focus on the patterns of information seeking behaviour of primary school teachers. PURPOSE: The purpose of this study is to explore the patterns in the information-seeking behaviour of teachers in primary schools in Ibadan metropolis. An in-depth analysis of what kind of information sources are used to cater for the growing needs a teacher, the channels used in conveying these sources and the teacher motivation factor.

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It is hoped that this study will lead to a better understanding of the information needs of teachers in primary education. OBJECTIVES: This study strives to assess the information needs and information seeking behaviour of teachers in primary schools in Ibadan metropolis. The objectives of this study are: a. To identify the information needs of teachers in primary schools their perceptual feelings that arise from these needs. b. To examine the selected attributes of information that primary school teacher’s value in their selection of information sources and content. . To identify the media/channels used to access their information. d. To identify the challenges in meeting their information needs. e. To examine teachers evaluation of selected information sources. RESEARCH QUESTIONS: a. What are the main sources used by primary school teachers to meet their information needs? b. What are the major barriers in meeting their information needs? c. Do teachers get all the information required from the required sources? d. Are these sources of information sourced for within or outside the schooling environment? . What is the level of awareness, accessibility, availability and satisfaction teachers gain when using this information sources? f. What are the relationships between their information needs and selected demographic fact? SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS: This study would be conducted with the awareness that certain limitations would be present during the design and the instruments used: This study would only be focused on the information needs and seeking behaviour of public primary school teachers in LAGELU local government area of Ibadan Oyo state.

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