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Infographic: How To Design An Abandoned Shopping Cart Campaign That Works

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In the final stage of completing your shopping online and exiting the page without making the buy? We have all done it, and while it’s just a few minutes spent away from work from shoppers, it is perhaps a marketer’s worst nightmare. To help e-commerce sites reengage such undecided customers and prevent missing out on potential orders, has released depicting ways to bring abandoned shopping carts back to life. The infographic suggests that the first step in the process should be to identify the Why- the reasons for abandonment. High shipping costs and not being ready to complete the buy, rank among the top reasons for a customer shunning a purchase. The infographic also provides tips for devising strategies to win back such customers, stressing on the effectiveness of simple steps like email campaigns. Timing the reminder emails right, offering discounts on shipping, and providing more information to the customer on the products abandoned at checkout, are a few suggestions put forward. Check out the infographic below to know more about re-engaging with customers in the right way, to convert an “almost” sale into a sale.

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