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Infamous Robber on Loose

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He has successfully escaped from prison three times and this is his fourth escape from his past few years. One of the guard witnessed that Gladden had escaped by breaking through the timber ceiling and lowering himself to the ground with a rope fashioned from bed sheets. The other guards said that he had been hit by Gladden, when trying to go after him. When the other guards came, Gladden was too fast to catch, even though they brought their dogs to track and hunt him. Gladden is an infamous American robber, burglar and thief.

He was born into a poor family; he was apprenticed as a self-employer in tool supplier but took to theft and burglary in 2007, with little more than a year of his training to complete. He was arrested and imprisoned 4 times and escaped; making him an infamous public figure. When he was 6, his father died and no one continued his father Job's as a tool supplier. His mother then sent him to an elementary school. Gladden was treated badly and therefore became irresponsible and brutal. He was never graduated from the school, so his mother took him back home, and let him continue his father's work .

His business was not running well. He started his crime by robbing a woman in the market and stabbing her to death, because she did not want to give him her bag. He Is a small man, only 6'0" tall and medium built, but deceptively strong. He has a pale face with large, green eyes, a wide mouth, and a quick smile and has thick black hair. If anyone sees him, please report and call 333. He Is very dangerous person, whoso armed with handguns and a 9 millimeter rifle. There is a reward $50000 for Information leading directly to the arrest of John Stuart Gladden

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Infamous Robber on Loose

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