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Industry Insider: Nez Gebreel, CEO, Dubai Design And Fashion Council

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Nez Gebreel, CEO, Dubai Design and Fashion Council offers pointers to the region's aspiring design and creative entrepreneurs on what it takes to turn their passion project into a business venture.

1. It’s really all about the product. Everything else will follow. 

2. Research your landscape and differentiate your business angle. Determine how your business will stand out within a market where numerous emerging designers are vying for a spot of visibility. 

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Industry Insider: Nez Gebreel, CEO, Dubai Design And Fashion Council

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3. Find a niche market. Understand who your core customers are and what they are looking for. 

4. Know your competitors. Being aware of what is going on in the design and fashion industry is key. It is an ever-changing industry with new trends and topics making the news on a daily basis. 

5. Communication is key. It is important to get the word out on your business and your product on the best channels for it. Know your target audience and aim for them through the popular channels that they frequent. 

6. Learn about the basics of copyrights, patents and trademarks, and understand your rights. Intellectual property protection is very important for design and creative businesses.


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