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Individual Exceptional Child Ch 4

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Achieving goals at school or work, making progress at home, and making friends are aspects of which domain?
Disability-related support
Sharing power, fostering empowerment, and providing options are elements of:
PTIs serve families of children with disabilities in what age range?
Birth to age 26
Advocacy involves each of the following except:
affirming strengths
What percentage of parents reported that they have considered legal action to secure an appropriate special education program for their children?
As compared to families of children without disabilities, those with disabilities have each of the following characteristics except:
They are more likely to postpone necessary medical care.
Individualizing communication requires teachers to do each of the following except:
Make themselves available at all times
Which domain focuses on factors such as family members spending time together, talking with each other, and solving problems together?
family interaction
When parents and educators have a concern, it is helpful to have a person from outside the school who can objectively structure the meeting. This person is a(n):
The three practices associated with professional competence within family-professional partnerships are providing a quality education, continuing to learn, and:
setting high expectations
Ahmed and his family moved to the United States from the Middle East.

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Individual Exceptional Child Ch 4

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. Smith, Ahmed's teacher, is uncomfortable with the parents' behavior. Ahmed's mother does not speak in the meetings, and the parents do not make eye contact. How can Ms

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