What is the name of the law which states that the collective spiritual energy gained from good deeds determines one’s physical state in the next life?
What was the classic language of ancient India?
In India, what is the belief in an all-pervading divine spirit called?
the caste system
What was the most rigid social hierarchical ordering system of its time developed in Ancient India called?
moksha is where one is liberated of the continuous cycle of rebirth. One achieves moksha by reconnecting the spirit brahman and your own personal spirit that is inside you.
How does one achieve moksha?
repeating cycle of birth and rebirth (reincarnation)
What is samsara in Hinduism?
these cities were called Harappa and about 1500 of them thrived along the indus river valley
What were some features of the ancient, original Indian cities?
Polytheism; Is the belief in many Gods. Where Pantheism; is the belief that God is in all of the universe.
What is the difference between pantheism and polytheism?