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In-house recruitment system

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Due to the complexities involved in the staff hiring process, most of the large organizations under the guidance of their human resources managers detect. Through the media, these organizations advertise the vacant positions and paste the required qualifications they demand from the interested candidates.

To add to that, they later invite the chosen candidates who are interviewed by established panel/s of experts to asses the necessary traits required for the specific position/s.

This system is highly effective in filling major senior positions in an organization due to effective prior-scrutiny and use of experts to establish the best candidates. Besides, it is done under close supervision of the human resources manager a notion that aids in reducing errors and possible biases in the process (Robert, 96-99).

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It is worth noting that the process is usually lengthy and cannot be used in filling different positions urgently. The process is also costly in that organizations use panels of experts to reduce the chances of bias and therefore less effective for lower manual positions. This system has often been combined with others to act as a final filter for the candidates that have been assimilated through other systems like employees agencies.

In-house recruitment system essay

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