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In class Assignment

The point in the issue is that the common understanding of the idea and language is efferent in different cultures.Thus all the companies should mix up different culture people so people can understand different cultures.In the Bell’s example illustrates the different cultural thinking where pantomime tradition and since ancient times in plays leading man is being played by lady and vice-versa wherein American people thought that all these people enjoying are freaks and the play is politically incorrect.

As in nonverbal communication is considered in Indian culture while greeting people put their hands together with a slightly bow of their head and saying “Names” which wows respect amongst each other while in Western culture while greeting people is quite important to shake hands, make an eye contact and kiss on checks is necessary.

When a company has definite values of business which would lead to equality amongst employees belonging to different cultures the communication would be difficult amongst everybody and people would not be able to reach an expectation of their colleagues but gradually with the time span goes people would know an individual’s perspective, values and beliefs which would help them to build an right expectation further it creates respect amongst employees.

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So according to me yes it is good idea to grow a company with multicultural environment and let people know other people.

Businesses with multicultural people have its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, considering it as an advantage it is useful to for increasing knowledge of different cultures and worldwide involvement which leads a strong base of globalization whereas on other side there are also certain disadvantage of getting along with different cultures as in there can be high risk of discrimination.

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